Diamond Wedding Rings

Looking for a unique and exquisitely crafted ring to express your real love and eternal commitment? Get all the information you ever wanted to know about choosing a diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, bridal ring, promise ring, anniversary ring, special occasion ring, or an eternity band that suits your budget and taste. Get our expert guidance to help you buy the perfect diamond ring online at the best prices.

Diamond RingDiamond rings today come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and settings. If you are looking to purchase a diamond ring for an upcoming engagement or simply for a fashionable jewelry piece, there are many things to consider regarding diamond ring settings. Gold is the most popularly chosen metal for diamond ring settings. The beautiful deep color of yellow gold accents a diamond perfectly particularly when paired with other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Many couples choose gold settings for diamond engagement rings, typically 18K although there are several other choices available in both yellow and white gold. 10K and 14K also make excellent choices and are a bit more durable than higher gold content settings.

Platinum is becoming a very popular choice for diamond ring settings. It is a naturally white colored metal and looks much like white gold. Platinum however, is much more sturdy and durable than white gold and is very scratch and dent resistant. Because the density makes it heavier than even 14K gold, many choose platinum for the setting for diamonds in order to better protect these precious gemstones. Platinum does over time develop a more naturally looking satin appearance that most prefer over the shinier look of white gold. Because it is a naturally occurring white metal, platinum does cost a bit more than white gold. If you prefer the white gold look and do not mind paying more, then platinum is an excellent choice. If you find that you simply cannot afford a platinum setting then white gold is the next best choice.

White gold is mixed with other metals in order to obtain the silvery appearance. Gold, when natural, is yellow in color. Other metals are mixed with the yellow gold in order to make it appear white or silver in color. If you are comparing the two to choose your diamond ring setting, platinum and white gold have many similarities as well as many differences. Platinum for instance is a naturally white metal while white gold has other metals added. Platinum does not wear down like white gold has been known to do. White gold may require repairs over time because it is simply not as durable or as pure a metal as platinum. Platinum is also nearly twice as heavy as white or yellow gold. This makes it much more durable and sturdy which is what most people want to support their diamonds. It is very easy to polish and to maintain.

After you have chosen the specific metal for your diamond ring you will also need to choose the setting of the diamond itself. There are many choices when it comes to diamonds in rings. Diamond solitaires are typically the most popularly chosen for engagement rings. These feature a rather large diamond in the center but no additional stones. Cuts available include princess, emerald, round, square and a wide variety of others. Round diamonds normally allow the option of choosing either a six or a four prong setting. While the six prong setting offers much more security for the stone, the four prong setting is very popular as it allows the prongs to be positioned so that the stone catches more light in the center which better shows the brilliance of the diamond.

Diamond accents are another popular choice for diamond ring settings. These typically include a larger stone in the center and several smaller stones surrounding. Many also choose to have other gemstones surrounding the larger diamond. Stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds make beautiful accents for a larger diamond. The settings for accent rings typically include prongs, bezels or pave sets. The actual price of your diamond ring depends a lot on the setting that you choose. If you prefer platinum over gold then your cost will be a bit higher. In addition, larger solitaires typically cost more than rings with smaller center stones surrounded by other gemstones or smaller sized diamonds.

The size and amount of diamonds to choose for your diamond rings will most likely depend upon your budget. Determine beforehand how much you have to spend for the engagement ring or wedding ring. Once you have a working figure in mind, and have selected the metal for the rings, you can begin choosing diamonds. If customizing a ring then knowing the size and amount to spend on the diamond is crucial. Be sure to choose a diamond based upon the 4Cs. These include cut, clarity, color and carat weight. If you know what cut diamond to select beforehand you’ll find that the selection process becomes much simpler. The diamond cut will play an important role in the value of the diamond as the cut will determine how reflective the diamond is. After determining the cut, you should consider the shape and clarity of the diamond.

The cut, clarity, color and carat of the diamond will also depend greatly upon your budget as well. By taking the time to research your options you can ensure that you select the best diamond wedding sets that not only fit within your budget but are a clear representation of your love and commitment.