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Amethyst Engagement Ring

Engagement rings come in many different styles, shapes, metals, gemstones and diamonds. The wide variety of engagement rings that are made today help men pick out that perfect engagement ring that will best fit their loved one. However, the wide varieties of engagement rings that are available also intimidate men when they shop for an engagement ring. Men typically worry about whether a certain engagement ring is good enough or not for their loved one. The good news is, the more unique the engagement ring is the most likely they will love the ring, as long as it’s not cheap and gaudy.

The most popular type of engagement ring deals with diamonds. When men look for a unique engagement ring, they will often time look for different colors of diamonds. However, there are more choices for engagement rings than just diamonds, and many precious gemstones also make an excellent engagement ring. One of the most stunning and beautiful types of unique ring is the amethyst engagement ring. This ring has a gemstone called the amethyst that has a piercing lavender or purple color. It resembles something of a purple diamond. The amount of purple and lavender color the gemstone has, or how dark the color varies from one amethyst gemstone to another.

The amethyst gemstone can be set in many different precious metals that are used for engagement rings. White gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum metals are all typically used for engagement rings. The white gold ring makes an excellent platform to display the elegant amethyst gemstone. The amethyst can be cut in many different shapes, and some are found to even be cut in a heart shape. Other shapes like oval, round, square and triangular shapes are used for engagement rings as well. One of the most popular cuts of amethyst when used for engagement rings is the 7×5 emerald cut amethyst.

The emerald, marquise, oval, square and round cuts are some of the most popular types of cuts used for engagement rings. The amethyst gemstone can also be set with multiple diamonds surrounding the center piece. One unique design that really brings out the uniqueness of the gemstone is stacking diamonds around the ring, where every other placement is a diamond, while the other is an amethyst. The amethyst can be cut into small shapes and designs that mimic diamonds. These are also used to surround the ring and are often times coupled with diamonds as well.

One of the biggest advantages of buying an amethyst engagement ring is the fact that they are significantly lower in price than traditional engagement rings. The amethyst gemstone is a unique and beautiful stone that is used for engagement rings without sacrificing the worth of the ring. In other words, even though the amethyst engagement ring is priced lower than traditional engagement rings, no value is sacrificed. Both yellow gold and white gold are the typical types of rings that the amethyst gemstone is set in. Other metals like titanium and platinum are rarely used for this type of gemstone when making an engagement ring.

Surprisingly, the amethyst engagement ring is quite easy to find. In fact, you can find this type of engagement ring quickly online even though it isn’t that popular yet. The amethyst engagement ring is definitely an alternative type of engagement ring that doesn’t sacrifice anything but price. The amount of different styles made available online are tremendous and the options help men pick out the perfect engagement ring that will represent their love in a personal and unique way. The amethyst makes a perfect engagement ring for those who are looking for a more unique ring without breaking the bank.

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