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Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

One’s engagement is undoubtedly one of the most important and most memorable days of his/her life. It is one of the most treasured memories in one’s life – especially for women. Even years later, wives are seen wistfully reliving scenes of the wondrous occasion in their heads with dreamy smiles playing on their faces. It is a special day for the woman, who, no matter how ordinary and plain, receives the ultimate assurance from her lover that she is special in this world to him. She is unique and one-of-a-kind, and there won’t be another one like her in his eyes. On this day, months of grueling restlessness and tiresome impatience comes to an end. Painful uncertainties and trepidation regarding the much-loved relationship that squirm inside the heart are put to eternal rest as the beloved one bends down on one knee amid solemn commitments, candid declarations of love, and meaningful promises to cherish and love the better half. The small velvet box opens as the woman awaits the view within it with breathless anticipation while turbulent emotions – love, surprise, happiness, joy, relief, adoration and whatnot – rage through the insides of her, warming her from within.

A man needless to say, have much thinking to do before deciding on the perfect engagement ring for his beloved. There is much browsing and scanning in the designer jewelry shop for buying the coveted ring that would lighten up the beloved’s face. That special ring could easily be an antique ring. It is not unlikely to visualize a large and somewhat worn-out old-fashioned ring when one thinks about antique rings in general. Most of them out there hardly find that description alluring. But that is hardly the case. The antique rings are made using the most modern carving methods and the most exquisite of diamonds. Only the style of early periods are followed. This only adds to the allure and grandeur of the ring. Also, with these rings are attached emotional, historical and sentimental values. Some rings are passed down a long lineage through great-grandmothers and grandmothers, thus passing on antique heritages.

There are many styles to choose from when one ventures out to buy an antique ring. It can be a Victorian solitaire diamond ring, the style dating back from the Victorian era. It can be a radiant-cut antique pave engagement ring with round-cut diamonds encrusted around the center diamond in the middle held on by a white gold band. It can be an Art Deco ring with spectacular Colombian emerald and round diamond with old mine carvings. It can be a Retro ring with old cut diamonds and rubies. It can be a 1950s-style marquise cut platinum diamond estate engagement ring. It can be a 1880s-style yellow gold Victorian ring with fabulous enamel work. It can be a Mid-Victorian backed rose-cut silver foiled diamond ring. It can be a 1890s original Dutch rose-cut diamonds late Victorian ring. Also, it can be a French rose gold late Victorian diamond ring. It can be a Victorian rose gold half pearl and ruby ring. It can even be a curly Victorian sapphire and old mine cut diamond ring. It can be those gorgeous Georgian rings with signature hard-stone cameos, matching emeralds, foil-backed pearls accentuated with laurel leaves, eagles and scrolls.

Any one of these distinctly styled grandiose rings is bound to put a smile to the beloved’s face. With all these magnificent antique rings at disposal, it is finally time to break away from the tradition of buying the latest fashion, and bring back the golden historical periods into these momentous occasions.

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