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Antique Wedding Bands

They say that love is eternal, and for the hundreds of millions of married couples around the world, it appears to be true. There are few commitments more powerful and important than entering into a lifelong romance, and with the significance many couple place on their wedding days, it’s certainly worth reflecting that importance, significance, and commitment with a beautiful wedding band.

Wedding bands – known in some countries as wedding ‘rings’ – are one jewelry item that’s passed over far too often in favor of other, most flashy affairs. Every day, thousands of couples around the world are married. Most of these spend the majority of their efforts on their engagement rings, all the while ignoring their wedding bands, or instead opting for a generic and largely plain ring set.

The end result is an immense focus on engagement rings – Should it be diamond this or diamond that? White gold or yellow? – and a very limited focus on what is, in many cases, the vastly more important of the two wedding-related jewelry items. Most couples invest heavily in diamond rings for their engagement, only to opt for inexpensive plain yellow gold bands for the rest of their lives.

Thankfully, however, the tide appears to be turning, and more couples than ever before are opting to invest in high quality, unique wedding bands. The idea of accepting a plain gold band for eternity is losing its muster, and many couples are being more creative about their wedding rings. From gems, all the way to white gold message-embossed rings, wedding bands are becoming more creative.

One option that’s becoming significantly more popular is to use an antique wedding band – a ring that’s possibly been used before by a past family member, or a vintage ring that’s of personal value to its wearer. It’s a choice that’s becoming quite common, and it’s easy to see why – many people would prefer to have some added special significance to their love’s lifelong commitment’s marker.

Antique wedding bands are available from a wide variety of outlets and retail stores, allowing most couples to find a vintage ring just as easily as they could a brand new one. With pretty patterns and beautiful insignia’s rarely seen on today’s bone standard wedding bands, many of these antiques are vastly more interesting, more suitable, and more significant than what’s available brand new.

What’s more, they’re surprisingly affordable, particularly for the more basic rings. While brand new wedding bands can prove quite expensive, especially when you consider that few, if any, contain an inscription or gemstone, antique wedding rings are inexpensive and fantastic value for money. If it’s value you’re after – albeit value that comes with real style – an antique wedding band can offer it.

Many antique wedding rings include unique insignias and gemstones such as diamonds, champagne diamonds along the edges of the ring, and even paired baguette diamonds and white gold surrounds. There’s immense variety amongst antique wedding bands – variety and style that often touches on a unique history. This history is often available along with the ring, adding to the ring’s significance.

Purchasing antique wedding bands is fairly simple. Whether you choose to shop online or in person, it’s rarely difficult to experience a lack of selection. For online buyers, the ideal solution is to look at local jewelry websites and select rings accordingly. These rings will often be available to be viewed in person, allowing you to carefully check the ring’s condition before deciding whether to purchase.

Offline, it’s as simple as arranging a visit to a local jewelry shop, particularly one that’s known for a large supply of antique or vintage jewelry. These shops are often local close to one another in malls and other shopping centers, making it easy to compare rings not just amongst each other, but to see which dealer or retail outlet is offering you the best selection and pricing on antique wedding bands.

Of course, despite their obvious value and appeal, there are people who don’t see the draw of a ring that’s been ‘used’ before. It’s an understandable concern, and one that could be difficult to explain – it’s entirely possible that a fiance or fiancee could view an antique ring not as a nice gesture, but as a cheap way of ‘saving money’ on their wedding band, and even cheapening a lifelong commitment.

The answer to this concern, however, appears to be in the popularity of these rings amongst many of the world’s most wealthy individuals and celebrities. From Little Britain star David Walliams to top-of-the-charts singer Katy Perry, hundreds of celebrities are opting for a little vintage style after their nuptials, foregoing the standard gold wedding band in favor of something with historic significance.

For even more couples, however, it’s as much about reliving their family’s past as it is vintage style and luxury. Many antique wedding rings are passed down through a family over time, particularly in religious and ethnic communities. In many cases, your wedding band may be chosen for you in advance of any proposals ever occurring.

Stylish, adventurous, and graceful in a way that few modern jewelers can manage, antique wedding bands are more than a wedding ‘fad’ – they’re a lifelong choice that’s here to stay. From simple gold wedding bands to stylish multi-diamond ring arrangements, it’s not hard to see why new couples are buying up ‘old’ jewelry to celebrate their commitments with.

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