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Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

There is just something about the diamond that has endeared it to virtually every civilization since the beginning of recorded history. Even as far back as biblical times, a diamond was a symbol of that which is beyond price, something that is used to ‘overpower’ or ‘tame.’ A diamond and its many facets speaks of reaching out to embrace and encompass, which makes it a perfect stone for the more traditional concept of the diamond as a symbol of undying love. Because of the unique and special characteristics of Asscher cut diamond rings, they embody all that can be said of diamonds in any style and for any age.

The Cut is Literally Breathtaking
The Asscher cut was actually developed in Holland in 1902 by the famous Joseph Asscher. It is a square cut stone that greatly resembles the emerald cut, except that it is actually square where the cut of an emerald tends toward rectangular. Like an emerald, the Asscher cut diamond has what is referred to as ‘cropped corners’ and like the emerald cut, it has a faceted-cut deep pavilion. But that’s where the similarities draw the line. While an emerald is quite lovely, an Asscher cut diamond is literally breathtaking.

Only the Finest Diamonds Used for the Asscher Cut
Because of the cut of the stone, only the finest diamonds should be used in Asscher cut diamond rings. The unique cut draws the attention to the diamond, and anything less than perfection could be readily apparent. Other characteristics of the cut make it necessary for the setting to be exact. It is vitally important to set the stone so that the ‘blocked corners’ would not be obscured from view. Also, the scissor cut pavilion should be allowed to show under the setting. There is truly no more beautiful cut to use for a high quality diamond.

Quality Measured in Clarity and Color
Quality for Asscher cut diamond rings should be seen in terms of clarity and color. Nothing less than a VS, or ‘very slightly,’ should ever be used for an exquisite cut like this. The ‘slightly’ refers to imperfections. It is actually recommended that a VVS, very very slightly, or IF, internally flawless, diamond should be used for an Asscher cut. In terms of color as graded by the Gemological Institute of America, the highest color should be used which is the ‘colorless’ diamond with no visible hints of yellow.

Set in the Purest of Gold or Platinum
It should go without saying that a stone that commands this kind of attention should only be set in the finest gold or platinum. Since gold is measured in karats, with 24k being pure gold, it is vital to look for nothing less than 18k gold. While it might seem that 24k, being pure gold, would be the best choice, unfortunately it is too soft and much less durable than 18k which is mixed with alloys for strength. The finest gems around the world are set only in 18k gold. Platinum is much the same only it is measured in ‘parts per thousand’ and lovely Asscher cut diamond rings will never be set in anything less than the purest of platinum, which would be well above 950 Plat.

If you have been given the gift of an Asscher cut diamond ring, you know that you have been given a gift of great value. This value goes beyond price, although it may have been quite costly. To be graced with a stone of this quality in a cut and setting that are surpassed by none, you know that you are of great value to the bearer of such a gift. When vowing eternal love, nothing will ever say it quite like an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. With this ring, you are being told that you, like the ring, are the embodiment of perfection.

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