Diamond Wedding Rings

Baguette Diamond Ring

The first time I saw a diamond ring was on the long tapered finger of my mother’s best friend. She was, as I remember, blissfully aware of the platinum-bound ring glittering magnanimously under the light, but I, being only twelve at that point – and therefore hopelessly ignorant of the beauty and fascination that such jewelry entailed – rather focused more on the hexagonal box of foreign chocolates I was endowed with. Looking back, I sometimes try to extricate from my memory a misty vision of that particular piece of jewelry: a round ring encased with baguette cut diamond strips, lined with shimmering platinum, so elegant on the slim middle finger of a shapely female hand.

Years have gone by since the unmarked event. These days, diamond is not the sole privilege of the aristocrats, nor is it only a blatant show-off by the wealthy. Its presence has crawled into the middle class as well, fuelled by high purchasing power of people. It symbolizes fashion, elegance, class and above all, confidence. A baguette diamond ring with its signature rectangular cut can do wonders to your sense of well being and can virtually erode all those petty perks of inferiority complex that we all associate with ourselves at some point of time or another. All of a sudden, you begin to feel like a modern regal, succumbing to the luxury which so few are privy to, gliding your hands in the air in an effort to move those tendrils from your overhead, but in reality trying to make a show of the most exquisite gemstone that lies on your finger, drawing people’s attention to it, so that in a moment’s time you can bask in the warmth of their reverent exclamations. May be that is why they call it a woman’s best friend.

But why is it really a woman’s best friend? Diamond, albeit its intrinsic value as a precious gem, is not the rarest compound on the planet. Diamonds aren’t always recognizable; there are those unfortunate ones who fail to distinguish between diamonds and the most common of white stones. They don’t have the lucrative value of gold, the price of which rises with time. And yet, diamond rings have this majestic aura around them, demanding attention, boosting the self worth of the bearer. When marvel at its subtle power, I stop to cite reasons for the honoring statement. Baguette diamond rings are more than often symbols of tiresome affection, of unflinching loyalty. These are engagement rings, to be put on the finger of the beloved under the full moon by the sea. These are wedding rings, to be slipped on to the fingers which would lace each other for countless nights to come. These are witnesses to solemn commitments for life and candid declarations of everlasting love. A baguette diamond ring can be the souvenir of a journey of a lifetime of two people. These binding emotions make the ring special to the bearers who glow in its presence. When the beloved is away, his partner unconsciously caresses the ring on her finger, as if willing him to return soon through the power of her memories of him.

Taking all these matters into account, it is perhaps safe to say that a baguette diamond ring is not merely a piece of expensive jewelry, it is an experience. This experience is a definite value addition to the jewelry and thus the money is worth paying for it. Such was perhaps the case for my mother’s best friend, I reflect. In juvenile bewilderment I thought at the time what was so intriguing about a stone that wasn’t even gold. But young as I was, I had failed to see beyond the stone, the face of a woman who glowed with the light it emanated.

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