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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever as many say. They look elegant and timeless. Diamonds come in every shape and color. Black diamonds are the rarest of them all. Black diamond rings have been extremely hunted for a very long time because they are not just special, but are one of a kind. The origins of black diamonds remain a mystery and because they are very rare, they are priceless. If you are lucky enough to have a black diamond ring, then be sure to pass it on to someone deserving of it. It surely will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

In the modern days, people have seen samples of black diamond engagement rings. If you compare them with other rings, they are way edgier and much exclusive. Black diamond engagement rings bring a more dramatic but very attractive contrast to your look. Black diamond engagement rings usually comes with titanium and platinum rather than white and yellow gold. Platinum and titanium brings out a brighter look of the black diamond.

Origins of the Black Diamond
A geoscientist in Florida International University claims that black diamonds were formed when the earth was struck by an asteroid billion of years ago. He further claims that black diamond came from the outer space. His basis was the presence of hydrogen and other chemicals found in black diamonds that has indicated that they were made from a star-like environment. Black diamonds were first discovered in Brazil in 1800’s. There were subsequent discoveries in Africa. These are where real black diamonds can be found today. The largest black diamond found was in Brazil and it weighed no less than 3,167 carats.

Identifying Synthetic and Authentic Black Diamonds
Black diamonds have a smoky appearance though the rarest type can appear like a black onyx. Synthetic black diamonds undergoes radiation process, though instead of appearing black, they are more dark greenish in color when viewed under the light. Black diamonds are also extremely hard. They are hard to polish and can only be cut using a black diamond polisher or cutter. Most black diamond engagement rings you will see today are cut into round brilliant shapes. But they can also be cut in marquise, pear, heart, princess and other cuts. But round cuts creates a more amazing effect.

Proposing with Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Proposing with a diamond ring dates back to 1477. It began when Maximilian presented a black diamond ring to Mar of Burgundy. If you plan to propose to a girl you love, she will be expecting a diamond ring. As the modern days are really based on the past history, proposing with diamond rings has now become a tradition. It has become a girl’s most preferred ring. Diamonds are hard to find. And someone proposing with them signifies the profound love that they have each other. Black diamond engagement rings are harder to find and are simply one of a kind – they signify much more than that.

Shopping tips for Black Diamond Engagement Rings
One of the most important things to consider when shopping for black diamond engagement rings is to understand the quality of the diamond. The 4C’s of the diamonds are the cut, the clarity, the color and the carat. The cut should be based on the type of clothes designs your partner typically wears, along with her height and body structure. Remember that the diamond cut is the most important aspect of them all. Another consideration is the mounting metal. Traditionally men prefer white and yellow gold, but for black diamond engagement rings they may want to consider platinum and titanium.

Black diamond engagement rings are quite rare. Proposing to your beloved with such rare stones signifies a lot of things. It signifies how much love you have for her or him and how rare your love for each other is. A black diamond engagement ring is something that your loved one can flaunt to friends. The ring itself can grab the crowd’s attention and your girl will surely love that. An engagement ring plays a huge part on a girl’s self esteem. With it, they feel protected and secured. They physically feel the love you have for them, while her hopes and dreams of having a perfect future comes to life with a perfect black diamond engagement ring.

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