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Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue diamond engagement rings are fashionable and trendy and have remained a popular choice for fancy diamonds. There are two types of diamonds used in blue diamond engagement rings. Blue diamonds are either natural or genuine, or synthetic. Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare and therefore are not only valuable but are often very expensive. Those whose budgets allow for genuine blue diamonds can select from a variety of hues ranging from light blue and aqua tints to those that are deeper with a color comparable to that of a sapphire. If you are adamant about choosing blue diamond engagement rings but can’t afford natural, genuine stones, you can select from man made, or synthetic gemstones that will have the look and style of their genuine counterparts, without the high price tag.

Natural diamonds develop their blue tint due to the addition of minerals such as boron and hydrogen. The colors of blue diamonds are broad but the most valuable are those that are a deep, midnight or cerulean blue. When selecting blue diamonds make certain to determine whether the diamond is natural or man made. Also important is determining whether or not the diamond has undergone any processes or treatments to enhance the color. The value of the diamond will be directly impacted by whether or not the stone has been treated with any colors, dyes or bleaches.

In addition to the color of the diamond you can select blue diamond engagement rings in either yellow or white precious metals. Most prefer to find blue diamonds crafted in white gold rather than yellow, however, this is a choice based upon personal preferences.

Those who are seeking a unique way to pledge their commitment to love may find that blue diamond engagement rings are a beautiful way to make this promise. The beauty of blue diamonds’ is found in the fact that they are original, matchless and one of a kind. Many of the world’s most famous diamonds just happen to be blue. These include the Hope Diamond and the Heart of Eternity. As these blue diamonds are associated with wealth, extravagance and luxury, they are a great way to pledge your lifelong love and commitment. Many find that blue diamond engagement rings are so exquisitely beautiful that they become lifelong treasures that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Diamonds are the symbol of eternal love and there is no better way to make that statement than with fancy colored diamonds. When choosing genuine diamonds it’s important to pay attention to the four Cs: color, cut, carat and clarity.

Though many diamonds are graded by color and colorless diamonds are the most valuable, fancy diamonds are the exception. Fancy diamonds are those that are in atypical colors and due to their rarity are often more valuable than clear, colorless diamonds. Like other diamonds, you will need to consider the carat, cut and clarity when choosing blue diamonds. The most popular cut for diamond rings is the round brilliant but other popular cuts include the princess and marquise.

The cut featured in blue diamond engagement rings will determine the amount of sparkle the ring possesses. A good cut will bring out a diamond’s beauty while a poor cut will cause less sparkle and shine. Diamonds are the hardest mineral but a poor cut could cause a hard blow to a diamond to crack in the middle. Choose the best cut for your diamond to ensure that it will provide the best sparkle and maintain its durability.

Natural blue diamonds are gorgeous, valuable and rare. Hey are the perfect choice for those looking for engagement rings that are not only unique and exquisite but have a simple, unmatched beauty as well.

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