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Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

A brilliant cut diamond ring is basically a diamond ring that contains stones that feature the brilliant cut. These rings can be found in various types such as promise rings, engagement rings, and even fashion rings. If you are looking for a type of diamond ring that really showcases the brilliance of the stone then the brilliant cut diamond ring is by far your best choice.

What is a Brilliant Cut Diamond?
First off, you will have to understand what a brilliant diamond would be made up of. A brilliant diamond is basically a diamond stone with a quality amount of brilliance. The brilliance is factored by how light is absorbed and reflected by the stone. This will be factored by the angle of the cuts for the stone.

There have been studies done to determine the specific cut angles that need to be used with a diamond stone to provide the highest quality of brilliance possible. When these precise cuts are used, they are classified as brilliant cuts.

There are some specific characteristics of a brilliant cut that you may want to know about. This would be that a brilliant cut diamond typically features 25 pavilion facets, 33 crown facets, totalling 58 facets to provide strong reflective qualities for the stone. When looking to buy a brilliant cut diamond ring this information will not be beneficial. You will just need to look for a diamond ring that contains diamond stones that are labelled with the brilliant cut.

Choosing a Type of Brilliant Cut Diamond
One of the great things about brilliant cuts is that they can be found in many different types of diamonds. The main difference between the stones will be the overall shape of them. Most brilliant cuts will be in round diamond stones as it illustrates the most sparkle possible.

Some of the other possible shapes of diamond stones with high brilliance include emerald, princess, heart, and marquise. The emerald cut shows off the beauty of the stone very effectively but it is a lot easier for the inclusions of the stone to be noticed by the naked eye. The princess cut will make the stone look relatively small but provides a very fiery appeal. The heart cut features a high brilliance while being shaped as a heart, which makes it very effective for many pieces of jewelry. The marquise cut is a very effective brilliant cut as it makes the diamond stone look larger than it really is.

Buying a Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
A round-shaped brilliant cut diamond is most commonly used as the single stone in a solitaire diamond ring. Four prongs are often used for prong settings to display the brilliance of the stone as effectively as possible. You can find any type of brilliant cut diamond in a brilliant cut diamond ring though so you should choose based on personal preference.

If you go to a local jewelry store then it may be difficult to differentiate brilliant diamond rings from non-brilliant diamond rings. It would be suggested that you look to purchase a brilliant cut diamond ring online because there will be a much larger selection of these specific types of jewelry.

A brilliant cut diamond ring is definitely a quality piece of jewelry that anyone would love to receive. It is especially effective for engagement and wedding purposes but can suit any scenario perfectly. If you would like to purchase a diamond ring with a cut that really shows off the values of the diamond stone within it then you should definitely purchase a brilliant cut diamond ring.

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