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Celtic Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are perhaps one of the most important jewelry items in a woman’s life. Every woman wants to own one at one point in her lifetime. And therefore, this particular ring has to be very special. But before am man buys a ring for a woman, it is crucial to learn about her likes and dislikes first, in terms of jewelry. Some women are particularly keen about what kind of ring they want (usually a diamond), but other woman are more open and flexible towards their choices. Although there can not be much done for rigid women who will not be pleased at anything less than what they expected, for other women who are a little more understanding, conservative and admires traditional art forms, Celtic engagement rings are a good idea to go for.

There is little that can go wrong with a Celtic style engagement ring. A common detail in Celtic art jewelry is the knot that exemplifies the Celtic culture. Celtic engagement rings usually incorporate that knot, typically surrounding the central stone which can be made of diamond or Cubic Zirconia crystal. Celtic engagement rings can be found in a number of different styles, each unique, and classic-traditional in its own way. Celtic engagement rings usually look good in sterling silver, white gold, or platinum bands. They are also available in yellow gold, but look better in silver-toned bands.

Celtic engagement rings can vary in designs ranging from the simple band and stone ones to intricately carved ones. The trinity knot which is an epitome of the Celtic culture can be cleverly incorporated in beautifully designed Celtic rings. It takes highly skilled craftsmen and a lot of effort in order to produce lovely rings that are delicate in the look, yet durable.

Celtic engagement rings can be bought at jewelry stores, but can also be bought at the web. There are many online stores that offer assorted collections of beautiful engagement rings inspired by the Celtic culture. For example, a beautiful 1/6 ct tw Celtic Semi-set Diamond Engagement ring which is available at londongold.com can be bought at $21,997.80. This is, however, a ring priced at the higher end of cost. There are more affordable options available on the internet as well. For example, at celtic-weddingrings.com, there are a number of affordable options, prices ranging from about $900 to $1500. Another Irish made unique Celtic ring by Fado can be bought at the website uniquecelticweddingrings.com. This 18K Celtic Livia 1/3 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring can cost the buyer $2475. If one wants to go lower on the price, he might have to compromise on the diamond and go for something less expensive but equally beautiful. Cubic Zirconia crystals are at the lower end of price. There are some quite stunning Cubic Zirconia Celtic wedding rings available on the internet that look great, but is also not tight on the budget. The key is to search and compare prices for rings if one chooses to buy online.

The size of the ring should also be checked so that it fits the desired woman perfectly. It is also important to buy from trusted sources when buying off the web since there is always a chance of fraud in online purchases. But if one wants to be on the safe side, it is always better to go to a real jewelry store.

Celtic Engagement rings are culturally inspired, and therefore are suitable for women who values different cultures. A beautiful Celtic engagement ring will represent the long commitment and deep love in the lovers’ lives, and is a great token for a new life.

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