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Celtic Wedding Rings

A lot of couples these days are opting to choose Celtic wedding rings as a symbol of their love and commitment. When it comes to wedding rings, Celtic wedding rings have the most expressive design to them of all the wedding rings on the market. Celtic rings carry a long history of tradition behind them and they are a perfect way to express your ancestral heritage if your ancestors were from that area of the world. These are people were highly spiritual and creative and loved to express that in their art and jewelry designs. Celtic designs are enjoyed by all people who have a passion for art and a personal connection to it.

Celtic wedding rings are unlike traditional wedding rings in that they have a rich Irish tradition behind them. They are becoming increasingly more popular today for those who are looking for alternatives to the traditional style of wedding rings. Celtic wedding rings have a way of symbolically represent the interweaving of two lives into a connected whole. This is symbolized by a pattern that is continuous around the ring. The unending pattern represents continuity of deep friendship, devotion and unending love that two people who are about to be married feel for each other. You can find different styles of these rings anywhere from simple woven strands to intricate layered filigree patterns. The three critical elements of any Celtic wedding ring design is the type of knot in the design, the stone used, if any, and the precious metals used for the setting.

There are different kinds of knot designs in Celtic wedding rings or bands. You’ll find they can be rigid, angular knots to graceful flowing braids. A simple flowing pattern on the wedding ring or band can represent love and harmony between the couple. A rigid angular design can represent that the couple has a stable foundation and commitment to their marriage. There are other designs that signify various other meanings that the couple may choose from. The couple also has the freedom to choose whichever pattern or design they like, regardless of the symbolism behind it.

There are not many gemstones used in Celtic wedding rings but you can find some that have them which are as elaborate as others. Stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are popularly used in some Celtic wedding ring designs. A lot of people prefer diamonds in their wedding rings if they want to stay more in tradition. The choice of precious metals used in these wedding rings is important too. Silver is most often used because of it is malleable enough for the intricate designs in these rings. However, you’ll find plenty of Celtic wedding rings made from white or yellow gold and platinum are also used. The harder metals like titanium is not used very much since it is so difficult to mold into an intricate pattern. Also, some of the most popular Celtic wedding rings are those made from two toned metals. These are exceptionally lovely since the contrast in colors makes the knots and braids stand out. A lot of these rings are hand crafted by craftsmen who live in Ireland and then ship them to various retail dealers. Some websites will allow you to custom design your Celtic wedding rings too. Be sure you order in time for them to be made for your wedding.

If you are shopping for Celtic wedding rings you find plenty of them in various designs online. You don’t have to go all the way to Ireland to buy authentic Celtic wedding bands anymore when you can custom order them online to your own personal specifications.

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