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From immemorial times, people have been fascinated with astrology and the alleged effect of the planets’ movement over their life, and as such, the Zodiac system has been created. One of the traits of this system is that astrologers associate certain stones and their respective colors with the signs of the Zodiac, and later on, with each month. As a result, the term “birthstone jewelry” was coined. Birthstone jewelry consists of gemstones associated with the month of a person’s birth, and can be worn for any occasion.

As early as the 15th century, lists of each month’s association with a primary, traditional stone were in circulation. A revised, up to date version exists, with an additional, modern stone attached to each month. The National Association of Jewelers made this list official in 1912.

Birthstone astrology has its roots in the belief that different gemstones hold special qualities and can be worn for protection or good luck. Such beliefs faded throughout time. Today, people wear their birthstone jewelry to represent their birthday and express their personality. A newer type of such jewelry is called “mother” or “grandmother” birthstone jewelry, which consists of stones that represent the birth month of each child or grandchild of the wearer, usually chronologically ordered and assumes the form of ring, necklaces or charm bracelets. What is great about birthstone jewelry is that the gemstones can be purchased for a variety of prices, therefore being affordable for everyone.

Seeing as how November is soon upon us, it is only natural to talk about citrine, this month’s birthstone. Citrine is a variety of quartz, with colors ranging from a pale shade of yellow to brown. Natural citrines are rare and as such, most commercial citrines are actually smoky quartzes or heat-treated amethysts. Heating amethysts to obtain citrine results in stones that are usually betrayed by the red undertones of the orange color, visible instead of the yellow color of the natural citrine.

Although also known as gold or Spanish topaz, citrine is a different stone. It can be found in a much higher quantities, and it is much less expensive to produce and cut into gemstones. Citrine is often confused with another November birthstone, the browner variety of topaz. However, citrine is a much cheaper substitute, allowing those born in November to afford a birthstone of their own. Wearing citrine expresses light-heartedness, high self-esteem and self-confidence, while some alternative medicine tradition considers its color a cure for depression. The measurement unit commonly used for citrine is millimeters, instead of carats, with the equivalent of a one-carat being a diameter of about 6.5 millimeters.

Since it is a lot less expensive than topaz, the other November birthstone, citrine has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to adorning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Citrine rings, for example, can be found in a great variety of designs. Even though silver or gold plated designs can be used for the ring itself, a citrine will truly shine when matched with 14K or 18K yellow gold settings. Citrine is a versatile stone, allowing for a myriad of styles to be created – one for every taste. In addition, other gemstones can be mixed with citrine, due to its wonderful yellow shade, in order to create beautiful rings. An extremely exquisite and sophisticated ring will have the intricate sunny shine of citrine mixed together with the brilliant sparkle of a diamond.

Citrine is a versatile stone that can be cut into a variety of shapes. Usually, citrine can be found as either a round, oval, rectangular or square stone. Due to its properties, many facets can be sculpted on a citrine, resulting in a stunningly brilliant gemstone. A citrine ring is affordable for everyone because citrine is a rather inexpensive stone – less pricey than other stones for sure. Prices for a citrine ring varies from as little as $20 to beyond the $1000 mark, depending on what other, pricier stones adorn the jewel, as well as the value of the metal used for the band of the ring.

As a conclusion, it should be noted that citrine is a beautiful, yet affordable alternative to pricier gemstones like topaz. Whether you want a piece of birthstone jewelry or simply an elegant element in your attire for a decent price, a citrine ring is the perfect choice.

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