Diamond Wedding Rings

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets

The wedding is perhaps the most wonderful time of a person’s life. It is a momentous occasion that captures two hearts and binds them together, with the wedding rings that are exchanged being the promise of the bond to be shared forever. Wedding rings are the tokens of the love and the commitment that two people share which bring them together for life. Therefore, these bands are of the utmost importance.

Wedding bands are, however, not the only important rings in a person’s life; there is yet another one that is to be gifted before the wedding ring in order to get the proposal of marriage across in the first place. And that is the engagement ring. Now which ring is more important is highly controversial, but nevertheless, both rings signify the most important events of a person, or more appropriately, a woman’s life.

Although all the women in the world may dream of a gleaming diamond ring to be presented to them during the proposal, it is, unfortunately, not every man’s piece of cake. There are many men who, perhaps, cannot afford an expensive diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, for those men in distress, there is a substitute to diamonds that looks like the real thing while being far less expensive. These affordable diamond-lookalike crystals are known as Cubic Zirconia.

Cubic Zirconia closely resembles diamond in terms of attributes such as cut and color, and is also more affordable and durable than diamond. Cubic Zirconia can be found in a number of different colors as well, such as purple, pink, green etc. Cubic Zirconia wedding bands and rings are becoming increasingly popular these days, and they come in a selection of styles and designs to suit personal tastes. These rings are also available in sets of two or three, consisting of the engagement ring, and matching wedding band for the bride, or for both the bride and the groom. Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are quite admired by people who want something very close to the real thing, and yet at affordable prices. These wedding sets are better than individual rings in that they save cost, and the rings look more meaningful in pairs.

Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are available in sterling silver, gold or white gold mounts, with varying number of Cubic Zirconia crystals. Engagements rings can vary from one stone to more than one stones, and are available in an array of attractive designs. Some matching wedding rings come completely encrusted with Zirconia crystals in filigree detailed bands.

Simpler Cubic Zirconia wedding sets of two or three rings can come at around a price of $50 to $80, which is so much more reasonable than diamond rings, and look a lot similar to real diamonds. There are more expensive ones as well, such as those with more designs and details on the bands. Gold bands with Cubic Zirconia crystals are also more expensive than sterling silver bands. These and many other designer Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are widely available in many web stores and can be bought online. A few online stores also allow the option of personalizing the wedding bands by engraving loving messages for the wife to-be on them.

While Cubic Zirconia may not be appreciated by many hardcore fashion-conscious women, those understanding women who are sensible to the financial position of their spouse may react just as happily to them as they would have to diamond rings. So, for men who are on a tight budget and are lucky to have those few understanding spouses, Cubic Zirconia wedding sets are definitely a good way to begin the journey of a new life.

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