Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Anniversary Rings

In recent years there has been a growing trend among couples to celebrate anniversaries with an actual ceremony to renew their vows. Sometimes this is a huge event, especially when the couple has been married for a good number of years. Since the couple already has wedding bands, diamond anniversary rings are used to mark the occasion and to recommit themselves to each other. During the ceremony the couples now place the anniversary ring on the right hand of their partner in life as a complement to the wedding band being worn on the left.

When the Wedding Band is Simple Gold
Whether or not there is an actual ceremony involved, diamond anniversary rings have become increasingly popular. Sometimes young couples don’t have the financial resources to buy expensive wedding bands, so the original is often a simple gold band. In later years, after having accrued some financial stability, it is possible to finally invest in the rings they would have liked on their wedding day. They already have wedding bands that symbolize a life together, so diamond anniversary rings are chosen to commemorate this occasion.

Traditional Bands for Anniversary Rings
Quite often the anniversary ring that is chosen for the occasion is a traditional band with the exception of diamonds that either ring the circumference or are only set halfway around to be worn in front. This style most closely resembles a traditional wedding band so it is of special significance to the couple. Also, this is the easiest style to accommodate matching rings for both the husband and the wife. Other diamond anniversary rings are often too ornamental for men to wear, and as a result, the couple would have unmatched bands. Many couples feel the need to have matching bands so they opt for the traditional look.

Past, Present and Future with Three Stones
The three stone diamond anniversary band, however, has special meaning that is deeper implicit in the style. Three diamonds in the setting signify the couple’s past, present and future. The largest diamond is set in the center with two smaller diamonds on either side. However, there are also variations of this ring that have squared settings that are less feminine in which both men and women can wear the same style. This is less common for couples than the traditional band, but still a viable option.

Infinite Symbolism in Diamond Anniversary Rings
There is so much meaning within the ring itself. Diamonds are ‘forever’ while the ring itself also stands for eternity. That is one of the most profound inner meanings in a wedding band as well as an anniversary band. “Our love is forever and we will wear this ring as a sign of this love.” No other token of love could be as symbolic as an anniversary ring, which makes it most suitable for renewing their vows. The actual ceremony is symbolic of the love they share since they are already married and only recommitting themselves to each other. “With this ring I shall recommit myself to you as I did on that day long ago, to have and to hold from this day forward, until death do us part.”

Many diamond anniversary rings can be quite costly while others can be reasonably priced. Of course the weight the stones is of particular importance as is the quality of the cut and clarity of the diamond. Also, value is attached to the metal from which the ring is fashioned. Gold is most often used because of the symbolism in that particular metal, but many couples prefer platinum to white gold. Whether expensive or moderately priced, diamond anniversary rings are a sign of richness in the relationship, above and beyond the cost of the ring.

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