Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

As a groom-to-be choosing the correct engagement ring is potentially one of the most important purchases you are ever likely to make, as well as one of the most expensive! Therefore, it is vitally important that you make the right decision and take certain factors into consideration before making your purchase. Diamond engagement rings are, without doubt, one of the most sought after forms of jewelry, and the perfect ring is likely to make your fiance feel extremely special.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a diamond engagement ring is how much you wish to spend. You will need to bear in mind that there will be various other costs to consider, such as the wedding, honeymoon, and most importantly the fact that you will be starting a brand-new life together. Therefore, no matter how special you want a diamond engagement ring to be, there is actually no point in getting yourself substantially into debt. This will mainly involve setting yourself a spending limit and ensuring that you stay within our budget.

Prior to visiting a jewelry store, it will be a wise decision to research the different types of diamond engagement rings. This will involve educating yourself about certain terminology such as the four Cs of diamond quality. You should also learn the basic differences between shapes, settings and the different types of diamond engagement rings that are available. There is a plethora of information on the Internet, and it is advisable that you spend some time researching this.

Once you believe that you have enough information to hand your next step is to choose a jeweler. It is highly recommended that you always do business with a reputable and trustworthy jeweler, and this may involve a recommendation from friends or family. Should you wish to start the search for a jeweler yourself without discussing this with anyone else, you will be best off visiting a local jeweler that has a long history. There are also numerous stores that you may find in a mall, although you may be limited to the choice of diamond engagement rings. If ever you are in doubt, you can simply ask to see a jeweler’s certification and other forms of credentials.

The next decision to make when looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring is the type of metal. The vast majority of diamond engagement rings or typically come in platinum, yellow gold, or white gold. Platinum, is actually considered to be rarer than gold and is known as the strongest metal. Platinum will be resistant to damage, will not tarnish, and is highly unlikely to suffer from wear and tear. With that said, if for any reason you do manage to damage a platinum ring you may find extremely difficult to repair. Another consideration is that platinum is known to be significantly more expensive than gold.

The most popular, and indeed traditional, choice of metal for engagement and wedding rings is yellow gold. There are various levels of carats of yellow gold, and you will typically find that the higher the purity, the more flexible and softer the metal will be. This, of course, may mean that a higher carat of gold will be more prone to damage. The vast majority of diamond engagement rings will come with either 14 carat or 18 carat gold. You should be aware that gold is prone to nicks and scratches, although these can be easily repaired. White gold is yet another choice of metal and is typically measured by the exact same standards as yellow gold. However, white gold will need to be treated in order to retain its silver like finish. You should also be aware that this finish is likely to wear off and will, therefore, need to be reapplied periodically.

Possibly the most confusing part of choosing a diamond engagement ring will be selecting the setting. There are various diamond engagement ring settings, although the most popular seem to be solitaires and bridal sets. A solitaire is a single, elegant diamond that is likely to come in a wide variety of shapes, settings and sizes. The most common shapes of solitaires include heart, marquise, round, pear, oval and emerald.

An accent stone setting will typically include a large centre stone that is surrounded by multiple smaller stones. Accent stone is generally set into channels in order to protect them from damage. You are also able to purchase an accent stone setting with a combination of round, rectangular and triangular stones. One of the most nostalgic settings is the three-stone setting. This diamond engagement ring is said to represent the past, present and future. Each stone will usually be set in a straight line, but you also have the opportunity to build your own engagement ring by separately choosing the three specific diamonds.

A bridal set will involve purchasing a diamond engagement ring with matching wedding bands. You can purchase solid gold bands that will typically have a matching diamond solitaire engagement ring, or the wedding band and engagement rings may even have side stone settings. Bridal set diamond engagement rings will generally mean that the wedding band should be worn with the engagement ring and often the two are soldered together prior to the wedding.

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