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Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings are most commonly used as engagement rings. The term “solitaire” signifies that there is only one diamond stone in the ring. You will not be able to find any additional gemstones or accent stones on a diamond solitaire ring. This does not mean that these rings will be dull in design. In fact, most women find that diamond solitaire rings are elegant and classy because of the simple yet attractive design. A diamond solitaire ring really showcases the diamond stone in the ring. If you had a number of side stones or other gemstones in the ring, it would take away from the main diamond stone. With the diamond solitaire ring, you really put prominence on the diamond stone so it is really noticed.

It is very important that you choose the right size of diamond stone for your diamond solitaire ring. As the only stone in the ring will be the single diamond stone, it will play a major role on how appealing the ring really is. You do not want to go over the top and have a huge stone, but you want to avoid too small of a stone as well. The size of the diamond may be factored by budget. The overall design of the ring should be a more important factor though. The idea would be that you choose a size of diamond that will be more noticed then the rest of the ring. However, you still want it to be fluid with the ring design. So, look for something that provides an overall appeal instead of just looking at the size of the diamond stone.

If you want the best overall appearance possible for the ring, it will be important to know what the appropriate band size is. A thin ring band can work very effectively with a small diamond stone. This will provide a great overall appearance when worn on tiny fingers. The detail on the ring band can also be very important. As mentioned early, the design can attract or detract attention for the main diamond stone. For instance, if you have waves etched on the ring band, it will make people notice the whole ring instead of the diamond stone. On the other hand, if you have a very basic design with no real detail on the ring band, the diamond stone will be what is mostly noticed. So, if you have a smaller stone, then you will want more detail on the ring band.

The shape of the diamond stone has to be factored into your decision. It will play a role in the overall visual appeal of both the stone and the ring. There are many different possible shapes of diamond stones that can be obtained for diamond solitaire rings. The most common would be a simple round-shaped diamond stone. Oval and pear shaped diamond stones are also fairly common with diamond solitaire rings.

Part of choosing the most visually appealing diamond solitaire ring is finding the appropriate ring setting. This relates to the placement of the main stones, the location of any detail on the ring, and the settings of the prongs. For a diamond solitaire ring, it would be logical to get the main stone placed right in the center of the ring. The detail should also blend properly with the setting of everything else on the ring. The prong placement is what is a little more important

You will have to look at both the amount of prongs on the ring and the size of them. This will play a major role in how well the main stone will be displayed. There are many different possible settings for prongs on diamond solitaire rings. A few examples would be flushed and arched settings. The only type of prong setting that should be avoided would be the channel setting as it takes away from the display of the main stone. You could also look into other settings that could be utilized. An example of this would be engraving initials, words, or dates into the ring. This would be done on the side or inside of the ring band. It is not done to add to the visual display of the ring. Rings are usually engraved for personal symbolization.

The quality of the diamond stone will be very important in any diamond engagement ring. It is even more so important in a diamond solitaire ring as there will only be one stone on display. All of the attention will be brought to this single stone. If it is low quality then that will be easily noticed. It would be suggested that you look for a high quality diamond stone because there is a significant amount of attention put on the stone in diamond solitaire rings.

A diamond solitaire ring is a very attractive choice when shopping for an engagement ring band. It features a basic, yet elegant, design that most women love. The cost of the ring is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to the alternative styles as there is only one diamond stone. You also have the ability to choose between low and high priced rings because there are so many different choices with diamond solitaire stones.

If you were planning on buying an engagement ring for your future fiancé, then it would be suggested that you take a look at some diamond solitaire engagement rings. These are very appealing rings because of their simplicity and elegance. Ultimately, the diamond solitaire ring is the one type of engagement ring that you cannot go wrong with as it appeals to all women’s tastes.

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