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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

An emerald cut diamond ring is a type of jewelry which features emerald cut diamonds in a ring setting. The diamonds in this type of ring are emerald cut which takes advantage of the essentials of the cut used on emerald stones. The emerald cut allows for a more durable stone. This was the main trait which made it ideal for emerald gemstones and it is true for diamond stones as well. The emerald cut diamond is also noted for its prominent light display. The emerald cut allows for a very elegant appeal which cannot be compared with any other type of cut.

The emerald cut diamond ring is unique in comparison to the other cut types for diamond rings. This is truly a different ring than any of the alternative choices that are available. The emerald cut is shaped in such a way that it allows for very unique settings to be incorporated into the ring. These designs will not be for everyone but there are some very stunning options that are available which showcase the stone much better than other cut types can.

An emerald cut diamond ring can be a great piece of jewelry to buy for you or to give to a loved one. It is an especially solid choice of engagement ring as well. It is important that you know exactly what you are looking for in an emerald cut diamond ring to make the most out of this cut type though. If you set some criteria to follow then you will be able to find the right emerald cut diamond ring to buy but it is necessary to shop around for the right ring.

First off, this cut type typically demands a larger diamond stone to best showcase the properties of the cut. This means that the carat weight will have to be larger. A solitaire emerald cut diamond ring or a ring with the emerald stone and accent stones around it would both be good picks. However, it is important that the emerald cut diamond is large in size. This cut type can make a stone look bigger than it really is as well though so you may not have to spend as much as you are thinking. In fact, a single carat emerald cut diamond stone can be as much as $1,500 less than a round brilliant stone with the exact same specifications.

The specifics of the diamond are really important when making this investment. Aside from the carat weight you will want to consider the color, clarity, and cut. Any flaws are more noticeable with an emerald cut stone due to the open design that the stone consists of. This means that you will want a high quality emerald cut stone to get the most out of the ring. You will want to make sure that the stone clarity is great, preferably a minimum of VS2 to prevent inclusions from being easily noticed. A near colorless stone is ideal, a minimum of G grade is recommended. You will want to make sure that the stone also features a good cut to make sure there are no real defects with the stone. If you are unsure of the specifics to look for then you can look for a guide online to help you with finding the right stone.

When shopping for an emerald cut diamond ring you will also want to consider the specifics of the setting. The style of ring is a major factor in the overall showcasing of the stone. Put some thought into which style of setting you would find to be the best and shop around for that particular style. You will want to think about the metal type used with the ring as well. Yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver are three popular choices. With gold, be sure to decide on the karat amount that you want. The majority of choices are 14K gold but you can find 10K and 18K as well. The higher the karat amount, the more gold content in the ring, and the more expensive and appealing it will be.

You can find emerald cut diamond rings at just about any jewelry store. Some department stores carry this ring type as well. If you want to shop for the best valued ring then you may want to consider investing in a loose emerald cut diamond stone and setting and then have it set by a jeweler in your area. This will allow you to get the exact specifications that you require for the stone and choose a setting which most appeals to you. You will have to make sure the setting is compatible with the stone and go to a trusted jeweler to get it set. In either case, shopping online is also a good idea.

Shopping online will open you up to many different choices of designs of emerald cut diamond rings. You will also be able to search through a large database of emerald cut diamond stones and there are many online stores that sell settings for emerald cut stones as well. You will have to take the time to search around and compare your options but by shopping online and locally you will be bound to find the perfect ring for a reasonable price.

Emerald cut diamond rings are very appealing for the unique stone cut that they feature. This particular choice of cut type is more affordable than most other choices of diamond cuts as well. If you are willing to do some research and take the time to shop around then you will be able to find a top quality design of ring that features the emerald cut diamond. In closing, emerald cut diamond rings are incredibly stylish and appealing but it is necessary to invest in a ring with the right specifics to best show off the elegant stone that it features.

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