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Buying the right engagement ring for your future fiancé is something that many men spend a lot of time stressing out about. It is very difficult to pick out one ring in particular that your girlfriend will absolutely love. If guys would just allow their girlfriend to pick out the ring that they like, then there would not be any real problem here. However, the element of surprise would not be there and it could have a negative effect when making the proposal.

As your future fiancé will be wearing the engagement ring nearly all of the time, it is important that you choose one that she will really like. This is not the easiest task, as you will have to take many things into consideration and go through a lot of rings before you find the right one. Some people will filter through thousands of different engagement rings before they find the right one for their woman, while others will do the same and still have no luck finding the right ring.

What You Should Consider When Choosing an Engagement Ring
There are two very important things to consider when choosing an engagement ring for your woman. Those two things would be the metal that the band is made up of, and the gemstones that are set in the ring. These are the two major things that will really factor into how much your woman will like the ring. Take a look below to get a better idea on how you can figure out what metals and gemstones your girlfriend would like in an engagement ring.

What Type of Jewelry Does She Like?
You should be asking yourself this question. By now, you have likely seen your girlfriend wear various pieces of jewelry. You may have also noticed her make mention of certain pieces that are attractive to her while visiting a jewelry store or just seeing a piece of jewelry randomly on TV, in magazines, etc. You should take all of these things as hints instead of just asking her, if you really want to pick the best ring by yourself.

Why Not Just Ask Her?
Many guys are afraid of asking their girlfriends about what their particular taste in jewelry is because they do not want them to know that they plan on proposing. It does not have to be a detailed discussion though. You can just ask general questions about your woman’s jewelry interests. Find out how much they like jewelry, if they like certain stones, and maybe even ask them to describe their dream piece of jewelry in a playful sense.

Should You Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring For Her?
This is a very big question that you will have to ask yourself. This is because of the fact that most women either love or hate diamonds strongly. Most women tend to be big fans of diamonds though. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” in most cases. Just make sure that your woman does not hate diamonds before you buy one, as it could be a major conflict that you could have easily avoided.

Alternative Gemstones
You could get a diamond engagement ring with other gemstones incorporated into the design. Alternatively, you can skip out on diamond stones all together and just get other gemstones in the ring. There is absolutely nothing unappealing about a sapphire or ruby engagement ring. There are many other unique choices that you could make as well. If you feel that your girlfriend would be more interested in her birthstone, or a unique gemstone, in the engagement ring then maybe you should go that route.

There is really no one right answer to what type of engagement ring you should purchase to propose to your woman with. This is something that you will either have to discuss with your girlfriend or take a lot of time to figure out. There are usually many hints that you can pick up on, such as based on the gemstones in the jewelry that she already wears.

If you take some time to really think about what type of engagement ring your girlfriend would like to receive, then you should be able to find one that you feel is right for her. It should not be too hard, as you will likely know your girlfriend well enough by this point to have a decent understanding on what type of jewelry she likes. You should not stress too much about whether she will like the ring or not as she will most likely adore it because of the moment and principle behind it anyway.

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