Diamond Wedding Rings

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in anyone’s life, but all too often it ends up being compromised due to its expense. Rings that are perfect in every way – style, materials, and elegance – are frequently passed over in favor of less expensive alternatives, often at the expense of a truly beautiful engagement ring. It’s a situation that nobody wants, yet millions will experience it.

That is, unless they look for a discount engagement ring deal. While the retail price of many rings can extend into the five, sometimes even six figure range, a variety of high-end rings can be found at prices more suitable for a low-end wedding band. All it takes is some careful and focused study of the jewelry industry, and an understanding of where the best engagement ring deals are found.

This buyer’s guide – divided into seven useful tips – can help you locate, negotiate, and close the deal on your dream engagement ring, all at a price significantly below that which you’d pay in a boutique jewelry store. Apply just one or all seven, and be prepared to see a significant decrease when the bill arrives – just what any groom-to-be needs before a potentially expensive wedding.

In the jewelry and fashion industries, certain brands command higher prices for no reason other than their history. It’s a reality of the luxury world that’s hard to understand, particularly for those used to purchasing based on materials, not necessarily the name behind the ring, handbag, or suit jacket. However, it’s also a good thing for the right buyer. Instead of looking at overpriced luxury brands, take a look at the high-end rings being produced by many ‘unknown’ jewelers. It’s not uncommon to find a beautiful engagement ring at a significant discount, purely because it lacks a ‘valuable’ name.

Like many other retail items, jewelry is often cheaper when purchased online. If you’re struggling to find an engagement ring in your price range, search online for discount engagement rings and short-term special deals. While it’s unlikely you’ll uncover a huge discount, you could save some money. Before you purchase an engagement ring online, it’s essential that you view it (or at least a similarly styled ring) in person. Call your local jeweler and check if they have a similar ring in stock. If one is available, take a detailed look at the piece in person before committing to an online purchase.

Some jewelers have in-house retail centers – something that would seem like a good chance to save money. While they certainly look like an appealing place to purchase your ring from, they typically offer a sales price that’s less than desirable. This is especially true for physical, offline retailers. The best deals, whether on jewelry, entertainment products, or technology, are always found on the internet. Search for a major online retailer before you rush down to the shopping mall, and observe how much lower the cost of an engagement ring is when it’s purchased through an online retailer.Engagement Rings

There’s certain glamour to vintage engagement rings. They’re a popular choice amongst celebrity circles, particularly engagement rings that have an interesting past. From royal heirlooms to unusual pieces of history, there are thousands of interesting rings out there on the vintage market. They’re also, quite amazingly, priced a lot more reasonably than those seen in department stores and other retailers. If the thought of a brand new, historically vacant ring doesn’t excite you, think about buying a used engagement ring instead. Prices are lower, and the rings can be stunningly beautiful.

The concept of ‘current stock’ isn’t quite so common in the jewelry world. Rings that don’t sell are held and resold at a later date, often for a similar price to that seen at retail. But despite the lack of seasonal stock in jewelry, many stores are given a selection of ‘priority sale’ rings to sell quickly. If these rings fail to make it off the shelf (or in this case, out of the display case) they might be sold to customers at a significant discount. Call local jewelry stores and ask about their upcoming stock sales – you could end up buying your dream ring significantly below its standard retail price.

Jewelry is like real estate – it can always be acquired at a discount with a good strategy. When you find the perfect engagement ring, ask about potential discounts and pricing options. Many jewelers are used to negotiating with customers, and will happily work towards a price that suits you both. However, there’s a certain degree of risk in negotiating aggressively. If you offer a price that’s too low for the jeweler, you might end up causing offense and ruining the possibility of a big discount. Negotiate in a friendly manner, and remember that any discount is better than the retail price.

They say that diamonds are forever – perhaps it’s for the eternal repayments they can cause. While the diamond is undoubtedly the preferred engagement ring jewel, it’s certainly not the only one you can pick from. There are plenty of alternatives, each just as beautiful and glamourous as a diamond.

Consider an emerald ring, a sapphire jewel, or a ruby inlay. Each has the potential to be as beautiful as a diamond ring, and all are available at significantly lower prices. If you’re interested in discount engagement rings, not necessarily diamond rings, it’s almost always cheaper to pick another jewel.