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Eternity Rings for Women

An eternity ring is similar to a wedding band in the sense that it is used as a display of love for eternity. The wedding bands are exchanged ceremonially during the wedding event and are used there on out to display the everlasting love between the married couple. The eternity rings are usually given as wedding anniversary gifts, or for special occasions such as a child’s birth. An eternity ring does not have to be given for a certain event or occasion. It can just be given casually as a symbol of your eternal love for a special woman in your life. If you wish for it to be given during a special event or occasion and for it to have a very deep meaning, then you can do that as well.

Choosing an Eternity Ring
There are many different specifics of an eternity ring that you can select from when looking to buy one. The differences in the rings include the style, design, and settings of the ring, as well as the stones that are used in the ring. Take a look below for some details on the different choices that you will have when selecting an eternity ring for a woman.

There are many different styles of eternity rings for women that you can choose from. One of the common styles features gemstones going all around the ring band. These stones are very small so that they are not awkward for the woman to wear. It may also be a single type of gemstone or multiple gemstones throughout the ring band. If you go with this style, it may be best to get the ring custom made. There are other styles available as well so just find one that appeals to you.

Note: Eternity rings are often labelled as “half” and “full” rings. The half eternity rings will feature gemstones that go across the top (face) of the band. The full eternity rings will feature gemstones that go all throughout the band.

The design or pattern of the eternity ring will be very important. An attractive design will make the whole ring look appealing. You will want to look for a design of eternity ring that goes well with the gemstone display. Make sure that neither the design and pattern, nor the gemstones, take away from each other. To do this, you will need to get the right sized gemstones and have a pattern that flows naturally with the gemstone placement and sizing.

The settings of the eternity ring will be very important. The stone and prong settings will be absolutely crucial as they play a major role in the overall appeal of the ring. The settings of the ring will also factor into how comfortable it will be to wear. When looking at the stone settings, the most important decision will be whether you want a half or full eternity ring. The prong settings will not be as important in most cases when you are looking at eternity rings, but still consider them if it is part of the design.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring
There is no right or wrong way for a woman to wear an eternity ring. You have many different choices. For instance, if you already have a wedding band then you could wear the eternity ring on the same finger, with the wedding band, or replace the wedding band with it. You could also wear the eternity ring on a different finger or on your other hand. It is very common for the eternity ring to be worn on the ring finger, but this will be a choice that you can make based on personal preference.

Eternity rings make for a great gift for any special woman in your life. They are an especially great choice when used as an anniversary present. The ring will symbolize that your love for that person is eternal and everlasting. There is really no more sentimental piece of jewelry, aside from the engagement and wedding bands that you could buy for a special woman in your life.

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