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Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are often used as a symbolic way of displaying someone’s love. Unlike traditional engagement or wedding rings, eternity rings typically have a line of stones, either diamonds or gemstones that wrap all the way around the ring. The complete circle of stones that are set all the way around the ring is used as an example of someone’s eternal love. Eternity rings can be made out of many different types of precious metals and stones. Diamonds, gemstones and CZ stones can be set in silver, gold and platinum rings. Eternity rings are also known to be built by stacking stones. Stacking is a term used in the jewelry world where many stones are lined up with each other in order to fill a ring.

Eternity rings are for both men and women, but women commonly wear eternity rings more than men do. The most popular type of eternity ring that is made available is the anniversary ring. Anniversary rings are made from gold, silver or platinum and use the eternity style setting for the diamonds. Diamonds are stacked all the way around the ring in order to form a complete circle of diamonds. All the diamonds are cut the same size. However, some eternity rings may have one diamond as the center piece that is larger than the other diamonds around the ring.

Wedding rings and wedding bands also are available in the eternity ring style. In fact, eternity rings are an appropriate way of displaying someone’s love when getting married or engaged. Wedding bands are perfectly designed for the application of eternity rings. Diamonds are easily stacked around the wedding band that makes it a beautiful way of expressing your love. One of the most impressive looks associated with eternity rings is diamonds that are stacked around a yellow gold wedding band. White gold wedding bands are also perfect for diamonds that are stacked all the way around the band.

Eternity rings use diamonds that are cut small enough to stack around the ring. Unlike traditional wedding rings where the ring is cut big enough to be the center piece, eternity rings have multiple smaller diamonds and CZ stones around the ring. Smaller cut diamonds are a great way to save on a wedding ring as well. Larger cut diamonds are typically more expensive than smaller cut diamonds. Even if the smaller cut diamonds add up to the same amount of karats as a large cut diamond, they will be less expensive.

Eternity rings come in many different styles. Some eternity rings have a valley, or a channel around the ring that allows a perfect setting for stacking diamonds. Other eternity rings have no channel to set the diamonds in but simply old the diamonds on the surface of the ring. Eternity rings also have pronged valleys or specific indents on the service of the ring all the way around the ring. Each diamond will be cut perfectly to fit each indent or pronged position in the ring.

The amount of karats that eternity rings will hold when dealing with diamonds will depend on the size of the ring. Typically, eternity rings hold anywhere from 0.25ctw to 2.00ctw of diamonds. Eternity rings use simple band designs in order to accommodate multiple diamonds of the same shapes and sizes. The bands are either built with contoured placements, valleys, prongs and channels, which all accommodate different sizes of diamonds. Many different cuts of diamonds are also made into eternity rings as well. From round cut to princess cut and traditional cut diamonds, all make a wonderful look on an eternity ring. Many different eternity rings can easily be found online, and it’s advised to shop online when looking for the best deal possible.

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