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Gemstone Eternity Rings

Rings are one of the most popular jewelry items in the world. They can be offered on a variety of occasions and can range from being a simple band wrapped around the finger, to a complexly designed, gemstone-adorned wonder. Engagement and wedding rings are classics among this type of jewelry, but another ring that people offer to each other is the eternity ring.

The primary significance of an eternity ring is love, devotion, commitment. They can be wedding rings, celebration gifts or, in general, signify a deep promise made to your significant other. Nowadays, eternity rings are a popular choice as promise rings with young, unmarried couples, who wish to express their love and the commitment to their relationship by offering one another such a ring.

Even though there are some specific occasions to offer an eternity ring, like an anniversary or a special event such as the birth of a child, there are no practical limitations for its purpose. Considering that it represents a concrete symbol of everlasting love, there is no need for a special circumstance to express your feelings for your loved one by offering her an eternity ring.

From a structural point of view, an eternity rings differs from, say, regular wedding rings by presenting a certain number of precious or semi-precious stones set on its surface. Because of this, these rings are also called “gemstone eternity rings”. The most common gemstones used on eternity rings are diamonds. Other stones, like a ruby, a sapphire or an emerald, are popular options, but diamonds are definitely the favorites. The shape of the gemstone is also an important matter. For eternity rings, rectangular or square stones are preferred, instead of round ones, as they are easier to attach to the ring’s band.

Two major types of gemstone eternity rings exist: the full ring and the half-ring. Traditionally, eternity rings are full rings, meaning that gemstones encircle its entire surface. However, half eternity rings are just as exquisite and lavish. The difference between the two is that the half-ring is only partially covered with gemstones. When choosing between a full and a half-ring, there are some things you should take into account.

First, a full eternity ring has a major drawback: it cannot be structurally changed once crafted. This means you will not be able to resize its circumference (or “length”) after purchase, as it is fully covered with stones and there are no exposed parts of the ring that the jeweler could adjust. Because of this, full eternity rings are usually custom-made. In addition, a half eternity ring has a modern appearance, in contrast with the rather archaic look of the full ring. As a result, half-rings are the popular choice among younger couples.

The final major difference between these two types is the price. Considering that a half-ring contains less stones than the full-ring, the price difference can be significant, especially when diamonds are used to adorn the jewel.

A minor difference, subject to personal preference and interpretation, is that half eternity rings are more comfortable to wear, while the thickness of the full rings’ band can often make them inconvenient for many wearers. A half eternity ring is also preferred because larger gemstones can be used as ornamentation, and because all of the stones are visible at once.

When it comes to price, eternity rings cover a rather large range of values, being directly affected by the quality of the ring and of the gemstones. A high-karat gold eternity ring, adorned with flawless diamonds will run you around $2000, but if you are on a budget, cheaper alternatives exist. A common substitute for diamonds is zirconium stones, while other precious or semi-precious gemstones, like sapphires, rubies or emeralds, can be set on the ring. An estimative price range for gemstone eternity rings puts the cheapest option at around $30, while the full-fledged, luxurious variety will set you back up to $4000.

In the end, it is not all about the monetary value of the eternity ring. What truly matter are the feelings you are trying to convey by offering such a marvelous gift. An eternity ring is the symbol of deep commitment to your loved one- a timeless promise of everlasting love and loyalty.

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