Diamond Wedding Rings

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Traditional wedding bands were either sterling silver or yellow gold and fairly plain in their design. Today’s wedding bands however include a wide variety of designs, some with gemstones integrated into the design. Gemstone wedding bands are becoming more and more popular as couples look to find truly unique bands to commemorate their special day. While diamonds are the most popularly chosen gemstones to grace wedding bands there are many other choices available today that will give you a truly unique look to your wedding rings.

When choosing gemstone wedding bands you will first need to determine the metal setting that you prefer. While yellow gold remains to be the most popular choice, there are other metals that create stunning rings as well. White gold is a good choice for those who prefer the silver look but still want a quality ring. Platinum is also a good choice and is particularly popular by those who tend to have allergic reactions to other metals. You may want to make your choice regarding metal by first choosing the gemstones that you want incorporated into your wedding bands. Certain gemstones tend to show up better against the yellow gold contrast than they do when set in white gold or platinum. Of course, cost may also be an issue. Platinum is typically a bit more expensive than both white and yellow gold.

You will also need to determine which gemstones that you want included in your wedding bands. Sapphires and rubies are very popular choices for women’s rings and look very elegant when set with smaller diamonds or to accent a diamond engagement ring. For men, sapphires are also a good choice but the determining factor will be your own personal preferences regarding stone colors.

You will need to determine how many stones you would like to have incorporated into your wedding band design. Eternity rings are very popular and while traditionally designed with diamonds, also look very good with other colored stones. You can have one stone throughout the design or use diamonds and another stone. Diamonds and sapphires are good choices and will really set off the center diamond of an engagement ring. Choose your design style as well. Besides the traditional eternity ring design, there are others to consider. Many designers incorporate hearts into the wedding band design and fill the hearts with various gemstones.

Whatever design you choose it is important that you are purchasing from a trusted dealer. You want to be certain that the gemstones you purchase are true stones and not simply pieces of colored glass or man-made materials. Take the time to go to your local jewelry store or visit an online retailer to get a better idea of the various styles and designs that are available. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for you can have your gemstone wedding bands custom made although this option is typically a bit more expensive, again depending on the metals and gemstones that you choose.

The pricing ranges for gemstone wedding bands will vary greatly. If you are working on a budget be sure to look over various designs and choose the design that best fits with what you want as well as what you can afford to pay. Some gemstone wedding band sets can be purchased for well under $200 but again this will depend on the overall design, metals used for setting the stones and the actual size and type of the gemstones that you prefer. If you are not purchasing the bands with the engagement ring, be sure that the wedding bands you choose will compliment your engagement ring. It should bring out the center stone of the engagement ring and not overshadow it.

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