Diamond Wedding Rings

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold wedding bands have been a popular choice for married couples for centuries. They are the standard choice for most marriages today. Purchasing gold wedding bands is one of the things that future brides and grooms look forward to doing prior to their wedding day. Many choose sets that include an engagement ring and two separate gold bands, one for the bride and the other for the groom. The typical design of gold wedding bands is those that are made from yellow gold. Choices include those that are simply golden bands as well as many designs that have diamonds and other small gems incorporated into the band as well as engraved bands.

Gold wedding bands for men are typically a simple plain band with perhaps an engraving on the inside of the band. Women often choose diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious gemstones to be added to the band, normally to match the engagement ring. Many couples have their wedding bands engraved prior to the wedding day with special sentiments for each other such as wedding vows or the date of the wedding. Typical yellow gold wedding bands can be purchased in a number of designs ranging from brushed to floral designs, Celtic knot twists and concave designs.

White gold is also used to create wedding bands and is a good choice for those who prefer the color of silver over yellow gold. White gold wedding bands can be purchased in the same designs and styles as those made of yellow gold. The difference is strictly in the color. Those who are allergic to yellow gold or prefer the silver color yet still want the value of gold find white gold wedding bands the perfect choice. Those who cannot decide between white or yellow gold for their wedding bands may prefer the two-toned look. Many wedding bands are created that use both white and yellow gold. This gives the opportunity to sport both gold colors simultaneously and creates a very unique look for the wedding band.

When choosing a gold wedding band, personal taste is typically the determining factor for color, style and design. You will need to determine whether you prefer white or yellow gold or if you like the two-toned look. You should understand that white gold contains yellow gold. This means that it may sometimes need to be re-plated because the yellow color will begin to show through. White gold is however a very popular choice. You will need to select a style for your gold wedding band as well. Many jewelers have websites where you can browse the various styles that are available or you can pick up brochures from your local jewelry stores. Your choices will include many plain styles as well as those that are branded or include various gemstones.

You will also need to determine the thickness that you want. Gold wedding bands come in a variety of thickness choices in addition to width choices. You may want to visit your local jewelry store and try on various styles to determine which one feels most comfortable. The thickness level will ensure that the ring is more durable. The thicker the gold, the more durable the ring will be. However, many people simply are not comfortable wearing thick rings so you should try on various thickness levels to see which one feels best. You will also need to determine the size that you need. You can do this by trying on rings at the jewelry store or by measuring your ring finger before you begin shopping. Once you have determined the size, style and design of ring that you want you can begin to look at gold wedding bands that fit your specific budget. Wedding bands are typically not expensive jewelry pieces, particularly those that are simply plain in design. Depending on how you want the ring designed and what other factors you want implemented into the design such as carving, engraving or gemstones, your cost may be a bit higher than average.

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