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Green Tourmaline Ring

Precious and semi-precious stones are often used for rings and other jewelry pieces. A popular type of gemstone that is used for green looking rings are the tourmaline gemstone. The tourmaline is found in many different colors. Dark yellow, brownish black, bluish brown, pink, dark black, light blue, bluish green, green are all colors that the tourmaline gemstone is found in. Green tourmaline rings are brilliant looking rings that often are similar to the emerald gemstone. The fantastic green color is a part of the Elbaite species of tourmaline that is found primarily in a Brazilian green emerald color.

The green tourmaline gemstone is formed from a certain crystal known as the trigonal crystal. These types of crystals are often found in long slender shapes and triangular shapes as well. There are so many colors that the tourmaline gemstone is available in that the Egyptians have called this gemstone a gemstone of the rainbow. The green tourmaline ring resembles a green emerald ring that only a professional could tell the difference between the two. Green tourmaline rings can be found in white gold, yellow gold and platinum metals. The green tourmaline is best accommodated by white gold, and many green tourmaline gemstones are set in white gold.

Silver is another popular metal that the green tourmaline gemstone sets in. The green tourmaline gemstone can be cut into many different shapes and sizes for a wide variety of rings. The larger cut green tourmaline gemstone is often used as a main center piece for rings. Smaller diamonds or other gemstones can be placed around the green tourmaline as well. Out of all the colors that the tourmaline gemstone is found in, the green color is considered the classic color of the tourmaline gemstone. However, there are many different shades of green that the green tourmaline gemstone is found in.

Green shades vary from light to dark, but the most common green color of tourmaline is the Brazilian green color. One common mistake that was often made about the green tourmaline is mistaking it for an emerald. Until the 18th century, many have mistaken this gemstone for the emerald. One other interesting feature about the tourmaline gemstone is how difficult they are to cut. The intensity of the green color of the tourmaline varies in direction and depth of the gemstone. In other words, if the green tourmaline is improperly cut, it will lose its luster and intense color.

In order to efficiently cut the green tourmaline to display its most significant color and structure, a professional who is highly skilled at cutting gemstones is needed. Dark green tourmalines are cut differently than light green tourmaline gemstones. This limits the amount of shapes and styles that are found on the market when shopping for green tourmaline rings. However, this fact alone is what makes the green tourmaline ring a unique type of gemstone ring that is highly sought after. Many different shapes and sizes can be achieved by a professional gemstone cutter.

The ancient society claimed that the green tourmaline has a mystic power that encourages artistic influences on those who wore the green tourmaline. It is also believed that the green tourmaline was used for healing purposes as well. The green tourmaline has quite a history associated with at that many gemstone enthusiasts find interesting. This gemstone isn’t only used for rings. The green tourmaline is used for other jewelry pieces as well. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are also popular jewelry accessories that the green tourmaline can be found in. The most popular of all is the green tourmaline ring that best displays the exotic green color of the gemstone.

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