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Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Nothing says love like engagement and hearts. The heart shaped engagement ring was once rare, but is now a centerpiece in a number of jewelry stores. There are two different ways to obtain a heart shaped set. The first is a single diamond cut into a heart shape while the second is a less expensive, but just as beautiful, multiple stone heart shaped ring.

Single Stone Heart Shaped Rings
A heart shape is a very difficult cut, but when completed by a fine jeweler the finished product is a very visually stunning piece that retains all the quality of the diamond and allows for a number of planes and cuts that product a fine shine when exposed to light.

The heart shaped cut includes both convex and concave angles, which can often times become a trap for light that diminishes the reflection. In almost every case, heart shaped diamond cuts have create a shadow towards the center of the piece but make up for it in the shine and sparkle that comes out of the corners of each cut. One benefit of this cut is that the corners of the cuts allow a purchaser to easily see the color of the stone. If there is any yellow to the diamond, it will be clearly viable towards the outer fringe of the heart shape.

The quality of the diamond used for a heart shaped ring is of the most importance. Since it is a complex cut with a number of different angles, imperfections in the diamond can exacerbate the natural lack of light reflection towards the center of the stone. For this kind of cut, expect to spend more for a quality diamond than you might for other cuts. This helps to ensure a clearer stone that permits enough light to come in and then be reflected out.

Do keep in mind that heart shaped diamond cuts are generally far larger than round or marquee cuts. This is due to the fact that with smaller stones the heart may appear as more of a round cut, since the two halves of the diamond do not stand out very well against the while gold beneath the stone. At least a half carat stone is preferred, one-third carat diamonds are often too small to show the quality and the time invested to create the difficult heart shaped cut.

Multiple Stone Heart Shaped Engagement Rings
Heart shaped engagement rings made with multiple stones offer lots more sparkle and light reflection with a much smaller budget. Since the finished product is the result of several smaller stones, expect to pay far less per diamond carat than you would with a single heart shaped stone. This is very much similar to diamond rings that utilize four small princess cut diamonds to give the look of one larger princess cut square stone.

Smaller stones in a heart shaped set are generally round cut, a far easier cut than a heart shape, and require less time to create, saving even more money. As you’re probably aware by now, a jeweler’s time is never free, except when they want to sell you something!

Be advised that multiple diamond sets will have some areas where a diamond is not present, and as a result, there will be no sparkle or reflected light coming from this area. When you look at the diamond at a distance, it will appear as a complete heart, but at a distance of less than three feet, you will be able to see the gaps in between the diamonds.

The Choice is Yours
At the end of the day, the important part of the picture is your engagement and eventual marriage. Whichever ring suits you and your budget best should be the ring you choose. Gentlemen, if your girlfriend has her heart set on a heart shaped engagement ring, be sure to note which kind she prefers; multiple stone sets, or a single stone heart!

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