Diamond Wedding Rings

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

Men’s diamond wedding bands are, without doubt, a fantastic choice for a wedding ring. Purchasing this item of jewelry will usually fall to the bride, and luckily there is an extremely wide choice to pick from. Men’s diamond wedding bands are typically available in various designs, and will come in a range of different metals, settings and indeed diamond shapes. Planning a wedding requires extreme precision, although it must be said that often a man’s wedding band is generally one of the last things that is ever considered.

When purchasing men’s diamond wedding bands, it is completely normal to shy away from the most traditional metal settings of white and yellow gold. This is not to say that these traditional precious metal colours are not extremely popular, although numerous other metals appear to be the choice when it comes to men’s diamond wedding bands. Amongst the most popular metals are Platinum, titanium and tungsten. Each of these metals will have varying characteristics and are all perfect for producing a man’s diamond wedding band.

Tungsten is a metal that is not typically renowned for use in wedding bands and rings, although you should be aware that it is scratch resistant. This simple feature alone entices a lot of people into purchasing this type of ring for a man. It is important to remember that a wedding band will generally be worn for the rest of your life, and therefore using a precious metal that is resistant to scratches is an extremely attractive proposition. You will also find that tungsten is able to produce an exquisite looking diamond wedding band. Additionally, tungsten has a constant polished look to it, which will generally mean that it is very easy to care for.

Possibly the most popular type of men’s diamond wedding band will be set in Platinum. These wedding bands will have an extremely elegant silvery white finish that will look absolutely stunning. You will also find that a Platinum men’s diamond wedding band will be extremely durable and indeed tarnish resistant. This specific feature alone can make it the ideal band or ring for a man. Let’s face facts men are far more likely to damage an item of jewelry in comparison to women.

Men’s diamond wedding bands are available in various different diamond shapes and settings. However, it must be said that the most popular diamonds are without doubt the Princess and round cut. These two specific shapes and cuts are renowned for their brilliance and amazing sparkle. Nevertheless, there are numerous types of settings that will perfectly complement a man’s diamond wedding band. These may include bezel, prong and channel settings.

A bezel setting that is most typically used in men’s diamond wedding bands will generally have a metal rim that goes around the sides of the diamonds and will then extend above each individual diamond. It is the rim that will hold the diamonds in place. A prong setting that is often used for men’s diamond wedding bands will usually have diamonds inserted into three or more prongs. This will literally create a basket style base and then the prongs will be bent over and shaped in order that they are able to rest against each individual diamond. A channel setting will typically have two walls of metal that can be found between each diamond set.

All of the settings will produce an extremely unique men’s diamond wedding band, and all are perfect for the big day. You may also wish to find a band or ring that may match some of the interests of the prospective groom. The main choices you will need to make for a man’s diamond wedding band will also include the thickness of the ring, and whether you wish to have a band that has been set with diamonds, or even a completely unique design. Another consideration is that many couples prefer to have matching men’s and women’s wedding bands.

As mentioned, there is an extremely wide choice of men’s diamond wedding bands and the price will very much depend on the quality, size and cut off diamonds. You will typically find that a relatively inexpensive men’s diamond wedding band will cost no more than $200-$300, whereas there are various wedding bands that will cost well in excess of $4000. One of the most popular men’s diamond wedding bands is a diamond white gold and titanium Dora ring. The ring is made from a combination of titanium and 18 carat white gold, and weighs approximately 6.9 g. This wedding band has an extremely unique feature of 0.13 carat high-quality rectangular baguette cut diamond. This wedding band will generally cost in the region of $2000.

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