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Men’s Silver Rings

Over the last decade, men’s silver rings have been transformed from a unique status symbol into a proven way to express your personal style. Available in a variety of materials – tungsten, authentic silver, and several other silver-tone metals – silver rings have remained popular for over a century, both as a flashy symbol of wealth, a stylistic fashion piece, or a more unique wedding band option.

Today, they’re available in a wide variety of styles from thousands of manufacturers. Occupying the versatile slot in today’s men’s jewelry lineup, silver rings are priced to suit any budget and styled to fit alongside any outfit. If you need a truly versatile piece of jewelry that isn’t needlessly eccentric, a polished silver ring could be a good option.

These seven buyer’s tips can help you pick a silver ring that’s equally elegant, interesting, and fitting for your personality. From silver-toned tungsten bands to real polished silver rings, there’s hundreds of models to choose from when it comes to men’s silver rings. Apply these seven tactics in order to save time, money, and endless frustration when searching for your next silver ring.

Pick a material in advance and compare styles
While silver itself is a base element that’s impossible to modify, the ‘silver’ which is used in jewelry can be a mixture of many different materials. The most common is a 9:1 blend of silver and copper, which is used as the basis of the well-known ‘sterling silver’ and is particularly common in jewelry. However, that doesn’t mean that all silver jewelry should share the same blend. Consider buying an alternative silver material for your ring, allowing different finishes and designs to be made possible. From silver-aluminum mixes to polished titanium rings, ‘silver’ needn’t always mean pure silver.

Two-tone or solid? Don’t be confused by style options
There are a wide variety of men’s ring styles out there, with clustered stone rings, sleeve rings, and half-round rings adding to the confusion of jewelry newbies. If you’re uncertain of which silver ring to buy, it’s best to go with whichever design suits your personality, your style and your finger size. Picking a men’s silver ring needn’t be a difficult process. Compare rings in person and decide which style looks best against your finger. Then, compare the various design and stone inlay options on the internet. Some rings may look fantastic online, only to appear dull when placed on your finger.

Ordering online? Know your ring size in advance
Unlike the clothing industry, the jewelry world uses a consistent sizing system. Before you purchase a ring, be it offline or online, check that it’s available in your size. The strength of silver – as a metal it’s less brittle than gold – makes it a difficult jewelry type to squeeze onto a poorly sized finger. Speak to your local jeweler and have your fingers sized, each and every one of them. By having all of your fingers sized simultaneously, you’ll be able to order rings for your entire hand without such thing as a second thought. Know your ring size – it helps to prevent embarrassing purchases.

Wedding band? Check that your fiance approves of silver
While wedding bands are generally less ornate and vivid than engagement rings, they’re still often subject to the traditional side of marriage. Men’s silver rings have grown more popular over the past two decades for use in weddings, although they remain less common than the traditional gold band. If you’re interested in using a silver ring for your wedding, check with your fiance to ensure that it’s alright. While there’s very little harm in using a silver wedding band – they’re now so common that many jewelers manufacture them especially – it’s best to get a second opinion on any wedding ring.

Check that you’re buying real sterling silver jewelry.
In the United States, silver mixes need to be of a certain consistency to qualify as being ‘silver.’ The specific mix varies depending on trace elements and blending materials, but it’s typically 92% that’s used as a differentiator for real silver and blends of valuable metals that aren’t quite sterling silver. Online, however, many retailers hold their stock outside of the United States, and subsequently out of its regulatory ability. Before you purchase a ‘silver’ ring online, check that it’s actually a complete and pure sterling silver blend. Standard silver is a 92:8 blend of pure silver and copper material.

Consider a silver diamond ring or other precious stone
Silver rings are often quite minimalistic, with little in the way of aesthetic flourishes. It’s a design difference that can make them quite appealing, particularly to those that prefer subtle fashion over the sometimes ostentatious jewel displays seen on gold, rose gold, and platinum rings. But that doesn’t mean that all silver rings need to be subtle and charmless. Diamond silver rings and sapphire glass inlays are becoming quite popular amongst men’s silver ring owners. If you’re after a ring that’s unique, inspiring, and a little different, consider a silver ring with a precious stone inlay.

For minimum wear, consider a silver alloy or steel ring
While silver is a hardier metal than gold (which needs to be strengthened for use in jewelry) it’s not the most durable metal out there. Sterling silver cutlery can fade quite dramatically, losing its shine in just a couple of years. While damage is preventable by polishing, it’s a nonissue for silver alloys.

If you’re the adventurous type – the men’s jewelry buyer that shops for dive watches and sporting jewelry – it may be better to choose a steel or alloy ring. While silver is by far the most interesting material visually, it’s a fairly poor metal for those that need durability and simple maintenance.

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