Diamond Wedding Rings

Men’s Wedding Bands

When it comes to wedding jewelry, whether an engagement ring or a wedding band, it isn’t all about the woman. While men’s engagement rings haven’t yet quite caught on, and probably never will, men’s wedding bands are just as important as the woman’s rings. Men’s wedding bands are generally far less expensive than woman’s wedding bands since they are usually simpler and contain fewer precious stones, if any at all. However, there are no specific guidelines as to what makes a wedding band either a men’s or women’s wedding band.

A Band to Fit the Man
Men’s wedding bands come in a number of sizes from 3mm on up to 10mm and more. The size listed is the distance from one side of the band to the other, or more simply, the width of the band. The size you choose has quite a bit to do with your own personal style or preference. Smaller framed men may prefer thinner wedding bands from 3-7mm while larger framed men with larger hands may prefer a 7-10mm band. Of course, this is not a rule, but a guideline that can be broken. There are most definitely smaller men who want larger bands and larger men who want smaller bands. Accessories like watches should also be taken into consideration. A yellow gold wedding band really “pops” when placed on a hand or wrist that features a watch that is also yellow gold.

Metals and Wedding Bands
Men’s wedding bands are made from a variety of metals, from the most expensive, platinum, to yellow and white gold on down to palladium, silver, tungsten and titanium. Titanium is a popular choice because it is inexpensive, strong, and is very shiny, and is also very light. Platinum, however, is expensive and one of the heaviest metals. Weight is usually not an issue for 3mm wedding bands, but on 10mm styles, the difference between a gold band and a titanium band is most certainly noticeable, especially if your man is not used to wearing a ring.

  • Platinum is the most expensive of all types of precious metals, but its beauty really makes up for the price tag. Unlike white gold or silver, platinum in direct light appears almost white, making it a popular choice for men who want a band that will stand out against their skin tone. While platinum is a stronger metal than gold, it can be scratched quite easily.
  • Palladium as a precious metal became more popular as platinum skyrocketed in price. Palladium shares a lot of characteristics with it’s sister cousin platinum, but is lighter and less expensive. Be advised that the selection of palladium rings is usually thinner than other rings, as a jeweler would much prefer sell you a platinum ring over a palladium ring.
  • Gold is a very traditional metal for wedding sets and can be both extremely shiny or dulled with the use of a mixed metal design. Unfortunately, gold in its purest form isn’t as strong as other metals, and is prone to scratching in 22-24k varieties.
  • Silver is a very shiny metal and is far less expensive than platinum and palladium, though it does have a different color (more gray) than the two. Keep in mind, however, that silver is very prone to tarnishing, and will require frequent cleaning to keep it shiny.
  • Titanium won’t win any beauty contests by itself, but it is inexpensive and when combined with other metals it makes a very pretty finished product. Titanium does not tarnish, is extremely strong, and will look the same decades later as it did when it was first purchased.
  • More so than titanium, tungsten is very dull and gray. While it is a very strong metal, direct impact with a blunted object (a table, for instance) may completely crack the wedding band with enough force. Tungsten is inexpensive, and makes a great choice for someone who prefers a darker, less flashy, ring.

Patterns and Precious Stones
More and more frequently, precious stones are appearing on men’s wedding bands. Men, however, usually choose pieces with smaller stones rather than larger stones that appear on women’s bands and wedding sets. The smaller diamonds found on pieces popular with men are usually used as a design element to showcase a certain pattern in the ring. A popular choice is a ring with 5-7 diamonds placed in the center of the ring, all around the band. This helps add some flair to duller and darker wedding bands.

Picking a Pattern
Men have almost as much variety as women when choosing a wedding band. These patterns include weaving, mixed metal, and lined designs. Woven wedding bands look like gold strings that are woven then flattened to make a lighter, but more intricate wedding piece. Mixed metal bands are also very popular, with one metal on either sides of another, creating two shades of dark and light. Yellow gold and titanium rings are particularly beautiful because they mix the raw elements of the darkened silver look of titanium with incredibly shiny and bright 24k gold.

Lined designs can include mixed metal designs. These include rings that have one or more crevices running around the wedding band to add some depth to an otherwise boring wedding band.

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