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Men’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band

When a couple decides to get married, a decision that is often thought about is whether the husband should wear a wedding band. This is not always an easy decision for some couples. Women almost always wear a wedding band to show to the world that they are married. It is quite different for men. Some men have jobs or professions where it might not be in their interests for others to know they are married. Others may carry out hard, intensive manual jobs which require the use of their hands all day long. This is not conducive to keeping a wedding band in good condition and it could get damaged, broken or be a health and safety risk. There is no reason however, that a wedding band could not be worn outside of work hours and at weekends

What size for a gold wedding band?
Once the decision has been taken whether the man should wear a wedding band or not, the next decision to decide on the size. There are a variety of sizes available from slim to chunky. This may sound like an irrelevant decision, but if the man has small chunky fingers, then a thick wedding band may be very uncomfortable to wear as it reaches up to the first finger knot. Conversely, a very thin and small wedding band may be hardly noticeable.

Stylish and plain wedding bands
As wedding bands are available in many different sizes, it should be noted that they also come in a variety of styles too. Plain wedding bands are usually the ring of choice to many, though some men do like to have a slight design on their wedding band. Celtic or geometric pattern seems to be popular. Some wedding bands can be made from two types of gold (white and yellow) and this will make different patterns on the band. Some wedding bands have a slight pattern just around the edges.

What color for a wedding band?
Wedding bands that are of yellow gold are the most popular and have been, for some considerable time. However, white gold and platinum are also good choices.

Yellow gold gets its color from the impurities, or choice of metals mixed with pure gold. 24 karat gold is at its purest but this is not suitable for wedding bands due to its softness. The alloy metals such as zinc and copper when mixed with gold gives it durability and a hardness it could not otherwise achieve. The depth the yellow gold wedding band changes, the higher the gold percentage in the ring. Therefore, 14 karat gold will be more yellow in appearance than 18 karat gold and there would be a discernable difference if one was made out of 24 karat gold. Just because gold is more yellow-looking when the alloy mixing has taken place does not make it any inferior. This process has been taking place for years and you probably did not know that there were other metals involved in the making of yellow wedding bands.

Finding men’s yellow wedding bands is very easy and most couples will do this together, rather than shopping online alone, although it is entirely possible to buy wedding bands on the internet. However, shopping at a local jewelers not only keeps the local economy going, it also ensures that matching bands can be bought, usually with a small discount for 2 rings and a proper finger sizing can take place. You may think you know what size your finger is, but there is nothing worse than getting an ill-fitting ring and this one needs to be right as you will be wearing it for a long time to come.

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