Diamond Wedding Rings

Pave Engagement Rings

If you haven’t heard about or seen the pave engagement rings that are on the market now you are in for a delightful surprise. The pave engagement rings are hard to beat in beauty and style. These are some of the most beautiful rings you’ll ever find. Pave engagement rings have tiny diamonds encrusted down the sides of the band to give them a romantic and fascinating appeal. The tiny diamonds lead up to the crown in a single row that is called the “pave.” The word “pave” is a French word pronounced “pah-vay.” It literally means the band is paved with a road of diamonds. The tiny encrusted diamonds are so close together that they look like a cobblestone pavement and give the ring a fascinating sparkle and artistic appeal that is totally unique to this style of engagement rings.

If you are one who prefers to show more diamonds than metal you will love pave engagement rings. These rings appear to be inlaid with tiny diamonds. The choice you’ll have is to go with a full pave ring or a half pave engagement ring. The full pave engagement rings will have visible diamonds on the band when you open your hand palm side up. The half pave rings will not be seen from this view since the diamonds will only go half way down the pave. Some women prefer the half pave engagement rings so as to avoid having the diamonds rub against the fingers on each side of the ring. These rings have a center diamond at the crown which can be purchased in various cuts and carats. They come in numerous designs and styles. The typical cut for the center diamond is a princess cut or a round brilliant cut. There is so much dazzle shining forth from the encrusted diamonds that you do not really need a fancier cut for the center stone. The center diamonds are usually set as a basket set, prong set or bezel set to differentiate it from the others.

Pave engagement rings have small holes drilled into the ring shank and tiny diamonds are then inserted in them. There are various different types to choose from when it comes to the ring band. You can choose a narrow band with a single row of paved diamonds or a wider band with two and even three rows of paved diamonds. Also available are micro pave engagement rings. The micros have diamonds that are smaller and smoother and give off the appearance of blending together.

Selecting the right engagement ring is one of the very first and most important of decision a couple can certainly have to make. The ancients believed long ago that the ring finger of the left hand held the “vein of love” and chose this finger as the finger to wear an engagement ring and wedding band on. The giving of diamond engagement rings has a long and interesting history. In 1477 the earliest officially acknowledged diamond engagement ring was presented to Mary of Burgundy, prospective wife of Maximilian I. However, it was not until the 18th and 19th century that diamonds started to be more affordable so that they were in the reach of ordinary man. This is when they discovered the diamond mines in Africa as well as the ones in Brazil. In fact since then diamonds became the primary choice of gems for engagement rings and remain so even right up until this day. The beauty of the pave engagement rings is certainly doing their part in keeping the tradition of giving diamond engagement rings as a symbol of a man’s intention to marry his beloved.

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