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Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Pear shaped diamond rings are simple, and yet classic, rings that continue to grow in popularity. The most popular use for this item of jewelry is typically as an engagement ring, as they are able to offer a traditional diamond shape, but with a very unique twist. The pear shape is often referred to as a teardrop or pendeloque shape. The pear shaped diamonds are typically made from a combination of round or oval and marquise shapes. You will generally notice that one side of diamond is round, whereas the other side will taper into a fine point. There are numerous proportions of the classic pear shape, but it is believed that the most favored length to width ratio is 1.45 to 1.75.

Pear shaped diamond rings most often come with a diamond solitaire. This simple design will do much to highlight the diamond’s extremely unique shape. You will also find that many pear shaped diamond rings will have the diamond set perpendicular to the actual band. This makes the diamond appear far larger, and indeed longer. The most popular setting for pear diamonds will generally be a tiffany or prong setting, although there are various other settings for this type of ring.

There are many other extremely popular pear shaped diamond rings which include:

  • Cluster settings, which will have far smaller gems that completely surround a larger central diamond. These gems are most typically round stones.
  • Accented rings which will be aligned in a symmetrical fashion on every side of the central pear diamond. Rings that use accents are most often used with round, pear, and marquise diamonds.
  • You will also find many pear shaped diamond rings that will not add gem accents, but will typically have designed a number of metal flairs that will surround the central diamond.
  • Many vintage styles of pear shaped diamond rings will also use multiple accents and shapes that can create a multi-textured effect.

No matter what the style of your ring, one of the main concerns that many women have is the correct way to wear a pear shaped diamond. As the pear shaped diamond is elongated it can actually make the wearer’s fingers appear longer. However, wearing the diamond’s point either towards or away from the hand is simply a matter of personal preference. With that said, if you were to align the point toward your fingernails this will make your fingers appear longer. You may also find that if the diamond is extremely large, wearing the point toward your hand will often feel very uncomfortable

There are certain characteristics of a quality pear shaped diamond ring you should look for and these include:

  • Pear shapes should be perfectly symmetrical, and therefore one half should not appear to be any larger than the other
  • Many pear shaped diamond rings will simply use three prongs to secure the pear, although the vast majority of jewelers agree that six prongs will ensure a far firmer grip
  • A pear shaped diamond ring should always have a diamond with an extremely sharp point, although the stone is often protected by a V shaped prong in the setting of the ring.
  • You should also remember that the pear shape will actually add to the overall carat weight, although you should be certain that the weight is evenly distributed, as opposed to simply adding bulk and weight to your ring.

Probably the most important characteristic to check on a pear shaped diamond ring is the quality in terms of cut, clarity, color and grade of the diamonds. You should not only check the central diamond, but also any accent stones that surround it. This can give you an idea of the overall quality of this stunning item of jewelry.

Even though pear shaped diamond rings are extremely popular, you will typically find that most jewelers will have a limited stock of these items. You may even find that a pear shaped diamond ring that includes accented stones will be a lot harder to locate. Pear shapes are often found in various other items of jewelry, most commonly they can be found in diamond earrings and diamond pendants. However, the pear shaped diamond ring is known as a stunning item of jewelry, and can be perfect as a gift for an engagement, anniversary or birthday.

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