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Pearl Ring with Diamonds

Pearls have long been revered for their classic, feminine charm and there may be nothing more graceful than a pearl ring with diamonds. Pearls come from either the ocean or sea and are available in a wide variety of types. Though there are many pearl varieties there are only two ways pearls are acquired. This is either naturally, through a mollusk in the seas or ocean or through a pearl farm where pearls are essentially seeded or implanted into the mollusk, then harvested when ready. When a pearl is found through a diver searching waters for them they are referred to as natural. Pearls that are harvested through a pearl farmer are referred to as cultured. It’s important to understand that cultured pearls are no less “real” then natural pearls. As far as the value of pearls is concerned, cultured pearls are just as valuable as naturally occurring varieties.

The most popular pearl varieties include Akoya, freshwater, Tahitian, South Sea, Mabe and Keshi. Akoya pearls are extremely popular and are known for their fairly large size. Freshwater pearls have a unique, iridescent look that makes them a popular choice. They may be in a wide array of shapes such as rice, elliptical, stick, round or faceted. South Sea pearls are called the “Queen of Pearls” due to their enormous size. Where many pearls measure an average 6 to 7 millimeters the South Sea pearl measures 12 millimeters on average.

The Tahitian pearl is known for its selection of dark colors including black, silver, gray and the multi colored Tahitian that has a combination of shades of gray, green and black. Mabe pearls are also referred to as the blister pearl because these pearls grown on the inside of the mollusk shell. Due to the way they are formed one side is flat and the pearl has a high shine and iridescent, mother of pearl luster. Keshi pearls differ from others as they are a nucleus free pearl.

Pearl rings with diamonds combines two precious gemstones for an exquisite combination. Additionally, pearls can come in a wide array of colors ranging from creamy white and ivory to pink, blue, green, gray and even black. The selection of colors ensures that every woman can find a pearl ring with diamonds that will best fit individual tastes, styles and preferences. When choosing rings, it’s important to pay attention to the band, shank, the gallery and how the ring fits. No matter the design or style of ring, you must ensure that the ring fits comfortably.

When choosing rings for comfort, look for those that slides easily over the finger yet fits snugly without fear that the ring will fall off. The band refers to the section of the ring that fits around your finger. Most ring bands are uniform in width. Pearl rings with diamonds may be set on silver, white or yellow gold bands.

The area where your pearl and diamond sits on the ring is important as you must ensure that the underside area is comfortable. This is referred to as the gallery of the ring and many styles that have large settings may carve the underside area to allow more room for your finger. A hollow gallery will ensure that the ring fits comfortably on your finger. Another important area of the ring to consider is the prongs used. The pearl and diamonds will be attached to the ring through prongs as these are the metal bars that support the gemstones. Make certain that prongs used on the ring are sturdy, stable and secure. Six prongs are preferred as they will ensure that your gemstones are held securely.

A pearl ring with diamonds is a wonderful addition to every woman’s jewelry collection as it easily complements and enhances personal styles and fashion wardrobes.

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