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Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink sapphires are very popular gemstones today for rings, earrings, necklaces and many other jewelry pieces. Sapphires come in a range of colors including blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and a colorless stone that highly resembles a diamond. Pink sapphires look much like a pink diamond but are much less expensive than diamonds. They shine and sparkle just like diamonds and create beautiful jewelry pieces when combined with white diamonds or colorless sapphires. A pink sapphire typically deepens in color when the amount of chromium in the stone increases. As the color deepens, the value of a pink sapphire increases as well.

There are many cuts, styles and designs of pink sapphire rings currently on the market and they create a dramatic jewelry piece when paired with yellow gold or white gold. Platinum is another popular setting for a pink sapphire although platinum is a bit more expensive than gold and can increase the overall price of the ring. If you are planning to purchase a pink sapphire ring you should pay strict attention to the metal used in the setting as well as the weight of the gem to determine its true value. Sapphires are presented in carat weight like other precious gemstones and the larger the stone the higher the value and cost.

Pink has long been the symbol of feminism and choosing pink sapphire rings for special occasions is very popular. They are typically purchased for Valentine’s Day gifts as well as Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even engagements. Pink sapphire engagement rings have become a very popular trend as more and more brides are moving away from the traditional white wedding dress and introducing more colors into their weddings. There are different types of pink sapphire engagement rings in a variety of different styles. The pink sapphire is typically in a solitaire setting for engagement rings although it can often be surrounding by smaller diamonds. When choosing a pink sapphire ring for an engagement you will also need to consider the fact that the stones themselves have varying degrees of color. Hues of pink from very light shades to darker shades are available and all make beautiful choices for engagement rings. Cuts also vary from the very popular emerald cut to the princess cut, square, round and marquis among many others.

While pink sapphires are somewhat less expensive than diamonds, they can be a bit costly depending on the size of the stone, any added stones in the design and the choice of fine metals for the setting. The color or shade of the pink sapphire will also have a bearing on the overall cost of your pink sapphire ring. You can typically purchase a pink sapphire ring for less than $500, although engagement rings that have diamonds included in the design typically run from around $500 to more than $1,500 in many areas. You may also want to include a pink sapphire wedding band if you are choosing a pink sapphire engagement ring. Wedding bands are available that incorporate pink sapphires with diamonds and a number of other precious gemstones that can perfectly match the engagement ring that you choose. Wedding bands also typically cost less than engagement rings simply because the stones used in the bands are much smaller.

Keep in mind when shopping for pink sapphire rings that there are a number of manufactured or synthetic pink sapphires currently on the market. You will need to ensure that you are receiving a true sapphire. Synthetic stones are less costly but they are also much less valuable. They also tend not to have the sparkle and brilliance of a true pink sapphire. They do not include the unique and subtle variations that true sapphire stones contain. Natural sapphires, although more costly than synthetic ones, are a much better choice particularly for engagement and wedding rings as they will last much longer and increase in value over time. Keep in mind that natural does not mean completely without alterations. Natural pink sapphires are typically not treated and are not introduced to heat or chemicals in order to alter the colors. This is what makes them more valuable than stones that are treated.

Natural pink sapphires have a naturally occurring pink color that simply cannot be copied into a synthetic ring. When you purchase a pink sapphire ring you should receive a certificate of authenticity for the stone. This is why you should always purchase pink sapphire rings and other precious gemstone jewelry from a reputable dealer.

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