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Pink Tourmaline Ring

There is nothing that can beat a pink tourmaline ring when it comes to choosing the right gift for a woman. Pink is a color that has always been associated with femininity, sometimes even with romance and sweetness. No matter what the guys think, girls love pink. And when it comes to a ring, there can be no other color that can please girls than pink.

Referred to as the ‘gem of the rainbow’, tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone that comes in all colors imaginable. Although tourmalines come in a variety of shades from colorless, watermelon pink, olive green, bright blue, champagne brown to even forest black, the most popular and widely available shade for tourmalines is pink. Each type of tourmaline has a different name. Rubellite is the name for pink tourmalines. Pink tourmalines are available in multiple shades from pale pink to magenta and deep red. Because of the diversity of colors, no two tourmalines can ever look alike making it very difficult for jewelers to match one tourmaline with another.

Pink tourmaline rings have become very popular among women, particularly with women who want a uniquely colored stone. Some pink tourmalines can reflect more than a single color. This reflecting property of pink tourmalines makes them even more stunning. Tourmalines are stones that can be treated synthetically in order to improve their texture and remove their flaws. That said – it is also good to know that sometimes a flawed tourmaline can be even more expensive than an unflawed one. This is because some flawed tourmaline can refract more light because of their flaws. This allows the stone to become even more brilliant besides allowing even more variation in its color. Sometimes jewelers will intentionally cut symmetrical patterns into the stone and scar it in order to allow it refract more light. Synthetic flaws like these can make the stone look even more beautiful greatly adding value to it. However, as with any other gemstone, larger and more visible flaws are not desirable.

Pink tourmaline rings can come in many different types of metal including gold, silver and platinum. Titanium is also used although it lesser common. Since pink goes well with silver color, white gold is mostly used. Some shades of pink usually clash with very bright yellow and so yellow gold is avoided especially in case of light pink tourmalines. However, deeper shades of pink look good with yellow gold.

These stones are usually cut into various shapes. Although the most common type of cut is round, other popular styles include emerald, princess and cushion cuts. Emerald styles are particularly popular for stones that are multi-hued. This is mainly because the length of the diagonal allows more clarity of the color gradation.

Although pink tourmalines can be set in solitaires, they look particularly good when paired with other bright stones. In most cases pink tourmalines are used with white stones including diamonds on rings and other types of jewelry. The pink color of these stones goes very well with white stones. Rarely can one find a pink tourmaline set with stones of color other than white.

Although pink tourmalines may be the most available color for tourmalines in general, not many jewelers regularly have pink tourmaline rings in stock. People interested in purchasing a pink tourmaline ring could try seeing online stores or even loose gem inventories to locate pink tourmalines. They can have their rings custom-made if they want. That way they can choose the design of the ring as well as the size and color of the stone. Not only is a pink tourmaline great to look at, its vibrant color can easily spice up a woman’s attire.

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