Diamond Wedding Rings

Platinum Gold Wedding Band

Of all the precious metals, nothing is finer than platinum or gold. When combined together to form a wedding band, the result is truly fantastic. There are a great number of ways a platinum gold wedding band can be fashioned but the usual combination is platinum with yellow gold. This two tone ring is sensational and many of them come in two widths to make an excellent pair of matching bands for the bride and groom.

Platinum Band with Four Gold Bars
One option in platinum gold wedding bands is a lovely platinum ring with four cross bars done in 18k yellow gold. Because this ring crosses the gender barrier it can be worn by both the bride and groom with equal elegance. The smaller sizes would come in a width of 3.5 mm while the larger size, most suitable for the groom would be a width of 5 mm. It can be worn with either a platinum or yellow gold engagement ring to complete the set for the lady.

Wedding Band in 18k Gold with Beveled Platinum Edges
This is an unusually stunning ring and one of the most popular styles in the platinum gold wedding band two tone combinations. The center is 18k gold with platinum beveled edges. The ring can have either a natural or brushed finish for further contrast. Sizes are available in 5 to 12 1/2 and the actual width of the ring is 6 mm. Again, although this is a wider band, it can be worn by either the bride or the groom (or both) and can also be worn with either a platinum or yellow gold engagement ring. There is, however, also a 4 mm wide ring that is a matching ring which can be chosen by either the bride or groom. Most often the bride will choose this width if she has an engagement ring.

Platinum Wedding Band with Decorative Yellow Gold Edges
Another lovely two tone platinum gold wedding band is done with the center in platinum and the edges in yellow gold. There a number of decorative finishes that can be employed to the edges besides a plain beveled incline. Some rings have gracefully carved yellow gold edges while others have a Milgrain finish. Other edges that can be employed would be roped edges, twist edges among other decorative styles.

Decorative Center Yellow Gold or Platinum Wedding Band
The reverse of the above ring would have a decorative center with the edges less ornate. One of the more trendy centers is a Greek pattern around the center in yellow gold with plain platinum edges. Any number of decorative centers can be utilized, but most often the center is carved with designs that go around the circumference. However, when the center is decorative the edges are often done in rope, woven or Milgrain patterns. In any combination of patterns, with the center platinum or yellow gold, this is an amazingly attractive style.

If you stop to think about a two tone wedding band, there is a kind of inner meaning that is symbolic of the union between the couple. Two partners with different personalities, needs and desires – yet they form a perfect bond in matrimony. As yellow gold is to platinum, so too is man to woman. They are both unique yet a perfect complement to the other. One can be ornate while the other is subdued and then there is the reverse that is often the case. However, when taken together as a whole unit, there is nothing more fitting. Platinum gold wedding bands are more than the outer beauty. They are an outward sign of a more perfect inner union.

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