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Pre-Engagement Rings

Pre-engagement rings are yet another addition to the jewelry shared by lovers along the likes of wedding bands, wedding rings and engagement rings. Pre-engagement rings are exchanged by lovers in a relationship who have identified each other as ‘the one’ but don’t yet have plans for marriage or who are unable to engage in plans for marriage for some foreseeable reasons. This practice is not something that has stemmed from the present capitalist system imbued in our society. It dates back to sixteenth century when lovers exchanged promise rings because they were not wealthy enough to get married.

Even today, young committed couples who are not yet financially stable enough to plan marriage often exchange pre-engagement rings to signify commitment to their partner. Couples who define the relationship to be monogamous and exclusive, but are not ready to embrace a formal union, exchange such rings. Pre- engagement rings are not as celebrated as wedding rings and engagement rings but for the immensely wealthy – who like to flaunt their wealth, these rings are the perfect excuse to impress their loved ones. Moving towards the emotional aspects, these rings are often known as promise rings, although there are many types of promise rings which are exchanged by people who are not lovers. They identify the unofficial promise a lover makes to his partner to symbolize his love and devotion.

Since it is not an engagement ring, one can wear it on any finger. Some wear it on their middle finger, some on the right ring finger or left ring finger. Rings with engraved messages on them are quite popular as pre-engagement rings. A man can engrave personal messages like ‘together for eternity’ and ‘to my love’ on the ring intended for his ladylove. Some also engrave messages in a foreign tongue, usually in French, since French is considered to be the language of love. Many choose heart shaped rings for their beloved, to symbolize affection for their loved one. Many get the beloved’s birthstone encrusted on the pre-engagement ring to bring good luck and good health to him/her.

Pre-engagement rings – like wedding rings and engagement rings – come in many designs sporting gemstones and precious metals alike. They can fashion stones like diamonds, rubies, emerald, and sapphires and so on. Precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, platinum and titanium form the bands of rings. They can be simple inexpensive rings of sterling silver. Engraved silver bands can be purchased with about hundred dollars which should be within the budget of frugal people. One can engrave it with personal messages, name initials or nicknames. The ring can be a classically designed Celtic ring with a crown and heart in it bound with two hands. Also, pre-engagement rings can come in pairs.

For those unconcerned with their budget, diamond pre-engagement rings can be a good choice. Diamonds, as they say, are a woman’s best friend. A man can be guaranteed of his beloved’s delight if a diamond ring is involved, and, when in love, men can go to such lengths. It can be a solitaire diamond ring set atop an 18 caret yellow gold band. It can be a graceful 10 caret gold heart rings with diamond stones on the heart base. It can be a white gold diamond heart ring. It can be an emerald ring with solid yellow gold band. It can be a platinum band with vine patterns in the middle. Also, it can be a platinum and rose gold ring elegant in its rosy hue.

Exchanging rings are loving gestures that have continued its journey through centuries. Rings are considered to be a tangible embodiment of everything that represents true love. Hence, pre-engagement rings – regardless of how expensive they are or otherwise – always hold a special meaning to the wearer.

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