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Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are one of the most preferred pieces of jewelry owned by women worldwide. Diamonds are associated with sparkle, shine and possessing a reflective quality that makes diamond rings dazzle. In order to get that perfect radiant look from a diamond ring, you must ensure you have the right cut. Princess cut diamond rings are one of the most popular available to choose from.

The top popular diamond cut is the round brilliant. Though it is popular, it is also the most expensive as it brings out the most shine and reflectivity from the diamond. The round brilliant features 58 facets thereby giving the diamond an incredible sparkle. Those who can’t afford a round brilliant usually go for the princess cut as it is more affordable yet still retains an exceptional amount of shine. Princess cut diamonds appear as a square or may look more like a rectangle when viewed from the side. Some may refer to the princess cut as being similar to an inverted pyramid. Interestingly, princess cut diamond rings often feature 76 facets, giving the stone greater brilliance than the round.

Princess cut diamond rings are also a popular choice as they retain more of the rough stone as compared to the round brilliant. The round brilliant will remove up to 50% of the original stone while the princess removes up to 20%. As princess cut diamond rings contain more of the rough diamond than the round brilliant, princess cut rings weigh more. The difference between the round brilliant and princess cut is that the corners of the rough diamond are removed with the round brilliant cut, but left intact with the princess cut. Other diamond cuts include the pear, marquise, emerald, oval, radiant and heart.

There is a lot to consider when buying diamond jewelry and it’s important to understand the four Cs of diamonds. These include color, clarity, cut and carat. When choosing princess cut diamond rings make sure to pay close attention to the color, clarity and carat of the stone.

The color of your diamond ring will play a vital role in the overall value of the stone. Rare or fancy colors are worth more but if choosing a traditional diamond, look for a colorless stone. These are often identified by a color ranking including the letters D-F. This indicates that the diamond has no color, whatsoever and is valued higher than the others, except for rare, colored stones.

Clarity is vitally important to the beauty and value of your ring. The most expensive and highly valuable diamond rings are flawless. This indicates that the diamond is free of any inclusions or noticeable imperfections even if viewed under a ten power microscope. By law, all diamonds must state what their grades are. Flawless diamonds are identified by the letters “FL.” Following flawless comes the grade “IF” which signifies that the diamond is internally flawless. This means the inside of the diamond is free of blemishes or inclusions when looked at under a ten power microscope; however there are some minor imperfections on the surface of the diamond.

In addition to cut, color and clarity, the carat of your diamond will play an important aspect in the overall value of the stone.

As diamonds are known for their brilliance, clarity and sparkle it’s important to determine whether or not the ring you are interested in purchasing has undergone additional treatments to enhance the stone’s clarity and shine. Two of these procedures include laser drilling and filling fractures within the stone. Laser drilling is an important method used to remove inclusions from within the diamond. After these inclusions are removed the shine and brilliance of a diamond is greatly increased. When choosing princess cut diamond rings, check whether or not the stone has been enhanced through a variety of treatments as these may impact the value of the ring.

Princess cut diamond rings are a popular choice and make wonderful fashion statements as well as beautiful engagement rings.

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