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Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

This is one diamond that most definitely lives up to its name. The radiant cut is a diamond cut that was made to sparkle, one that would look the most radiant in natural light and reflect the most light back out of the top of the diamond. Radiant cut diamonds can be either square or rectangular, and unlike other cuts there is no true standards for how big or small the length or width of the diamond should be. As such, prospective purchasers have plenty of options in purchasing a radiant cut diamond ring that fits the size and shape of a particular hand.

Benefits of a Radiant Cut
Since the radiant cut diamond is designed to offer the best reflection of any cut, the quality of the diamond isn’t as important for this cut as it is for fancy cuts. This allows for prospective shoppers to buy a lesser quality diamond in a larger size and get the most “bang for their buck.” Be advised, however, that a radiant cut diamond does require a good cut, so while you’re fine to skimp a little on clarity, the cut of the diamond should be at a minimum of “very good.”

The radiant cut is also a great diamond for a number of settings. The radiant cut diamond engagement ring is popular both as a solitaire (a single stone in one setting) or with accent diamonds laced around the centerpiece radiant cut diamond. Before you start shopping for settings, note that because the radiant cut is either square or rectangular, a four pronged setting is required to hold the diamond.

The radiant cut is a perfect pick for shoppers who value the sheer brilliance of a round cut stone, but would prefer to have a diamond that is square or rectangular in shape. While a round cut stone offers only 57 facets for light refraction, a radiant cut diamond has 70, making it a much brighter and more reflective diamond cut. The generic radiant cut diamond is on the upper end of the spectrum for total facets, though brand name diamond cuts frequently score far higher, but are also exponentially more expensive. Often, an excellent cut radiant diamond will rival any other branded diamond in shine due to the fact the cut was designed for brilliance above all else.

Radiant Cut Settings
As mentioned previously, a radiant cut diamond will require a setting with at least four prongs to properly secure the diamond. One thing to keep in mind is that, depending on your own personal preferences, a radiant cut diamond ring is made so that all the accent pieces are square or rectangular like the centerpiece diamond.

Princess cut square diamonds make an excellent addition to a radiant cut diamond ring since they are square and can be mounted either inside the setting ring or to either side of the centerpiece diamond. However, those seeking a very simple solitaire will find that the size and refraction of the radiant cut make it stand brilliantly against a pure white gold background.

The size of the hand is also important. Thicker bands help the piece fit in with longer or larger fingers but take away from the size and shine of the radiant diamond. Smaller pieces look better on smaller hands, but a larger radiant cut may appear to dwarf the rest of the band. If you have a set price point in mind and you’re working with hands that are on the fringes of large or small, some adjustments to the quality and size will aid in picking a ring that both fits the hand and your desired price point.

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