Diamond Wedding Rings

Round Diamond Ring

If you are looking for a round diamond ring there are two things you could be referring to, so it is vital to understand the difference. Most often when the term ‘round’ is used in conjunction with a diamond, it means a round brilliant cut which makes up the majority of all diamonds on the market. Any other cut such as the radiant, emerald or oval cut diamonds are considered to be ‘fancy cuts.’ The other ‘round’ attribute you could be referring to, although less common, would be a round setting in which the diamond is placed.

The Round Cut Diamond
While there are many other cuts, they all begin with considering the symmetry, proportions and polish. If you were to look at the side of a round brilliant cut diamond, for instance, you could see the three main components of the stone which are the crown, girdle and pavilion. A round cut brilliant could have 57 or 58 facets, depending on whether or not a tiny slice is cut off the bottom of the pavilion or if it is left at a point. If you were to look straight down at the top of a round cut diamond, it would actually be just that, round.

Round Diamond Ring w/ Micropave Setting
One of the loveliest round diamond rings is a round brilliant set in a round micropave diamond setting. Diamonds in the setting that circle the center stone are set very closely together so that very little metal shows through. Each of those diamonds magnifies the radiance of the others which provides a stunning effect. Usually a round diamond ring that is set in a micropave setting has two prices associated with it. The diamond can be chosen in a variety of sizes which would be the primary cost associated with the ring and the second price would be for the micropave ring itself.

Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
When you envision an engagement ring, probably the very first image that comes to mind is a round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring. Quite often the stone is at least one carat and the ring is either platinum, white or yellow gold. This is the easiest engagement ring to use with a wedding band if a matched set is not chosen, simply because it is a single stone, hence the name ‘solitaire,’ and there are no other embellishments, making it easy to match. In fact, the wedding band could be fashioned in a complementary color, two tone or even tri colored gold and each would be lovely with the solitaire.

Round Diamond Ring in Fancy Settings
Sometimes a round diamond cut stone is set in an elaborate setting with other stones as well. One trendy setting for a round diamond ring would be the couple’s birthstone ring. If either the husband or wife (girlfriend or boyfriend) is born in the month of April, two round cut stones sit next to each other, often at a diagonal, in the setting. The alternate stone would be the other partner’s birthstone. Sometimes other smaller round cut diamonds are placed along the band or elsewhere in the setting as well.

Because a round cut diamond ring is the most popular cut, you should have no problem finding the perfect ring. Prices will vary depending on the quality of the stone as well as the setting in which the diamond is placed. The metal will also factor into the ultimate cost of the ring as platinum is more expensive than gold and 18k gold is more costly than 14k. Whether you are looking for a round cut diamond engagement ring, a birthstone ring, or just a lovely ring because diamonds are classic beauty, there is a ring with your name on it waiting just for you!

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