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Round Engagement Rings

From ultra-costly Tiffany and Co. rings to beautiful and understated classic diamonds, engagement rings are a piece of jewelry that’s close to the heart and truly special to many. Styled in a variety of different ways and built to appeal to couples all over the world, engagement rings are both a highly important part of the world’s jewelry industry and a strict and useful social custom for millions.

With a history dating back decades and an importance that’s second to none, the vast majority of today’s engaged couples opt to use an engagement ring to celebrate their love and plans to wed. A variety of cultures use engagement rings today, with the once optional piece of jewelry now a key part of wedding culture. From America to India, engagement rings are a key global jewelry item.

Their importance and value, in fact, is represented in the incredible range of different designs and styles that are available. From white gold to yellow gold, rose gold to sterling silver, the variety of materials used to craft engagement rings is incredible. Add a huge range of gemstones and jewels to the mix and you’re left with a piece of jewelry that’s difficult to define due to its sheer variety.

One part of engagement ring design that’s often overlooked, yet dramatically important to the total style of a ring, is the shape of the jewel that’s used to adorn the ring. For years, the standard style is a square, often angular diamond. However, as time has gone on and stylistic demands have moved, many people have started to search for alternative diamond and jewel styles for engagement rings.

These include square diamonds – perfect squares, in fact – and even round diamonds and a range of other precious stones. In this brief guide, we’ll be looking at round engagement rings – a hot option for engagement rings today. Available from a wide range of manufacturers and designers, rings with round jewels are taking the jewelry world by storm, and racking up considerable praise on the way.

Generally speaking, round center stones are the most popular form of engagement ring today, with ‘princess’-style cuts and square diamond cuts falling into second and third place respectively. Their status as the top style of diamond wasn’t created overnight, however. Over the last few decades, an incredible amount of couples have opted for these round gem cuts, beating out other designs.

These round engagement rings are available with a variety of center stones. The majority opt for diamonds, due to their classic look and incredible style. However, over the last few years a wide variety of other stones have started to be used, including rubies in many rings, emeralds, and even sapphires in many cases. These all offer a unique style, offering different color and light effects.

Other round engagement rings may use a cluster of jewels in their center stone area, with several smaller diamonds surrounding a larger one in a round-style arrangement. These arrangements are more rare than the standard single-stone layout, and tend to command a higher price. Nevertheless, a wide range of today’s top engagement rings use this cluster-style center stone arrangement.

As with all engagement rings, round engagement rings are available from a wide range of jewelry manufacturers and at a huge range of different prices. Some, such as lower-end sterling silver and steel rings, can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. These rings are typically quite low-end, and rarely feature high quality diamonds or other jewels – many use cheap imitation precious stones.

Others, particularly those from high-end manufacturers such as Tiffany and Co., can cost thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars for high quality pieces. Generally speaking, these rings will use a combination of high quality yellow or white gold and a rare diamond piece, always cut in a crisp circular style. Stylish and sleek, these circle-cut rings are proving very popular indeed.

Finally, there’s the true high end, in which round engagement rings can command prices well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well outside the price range of most consumers, these rings are reserved for those seeking true luxury for their loved one. Many of these high-end rings tend to be custom made for their customers, allowing for custom stone and jewel arrangements and metals.

With such a huge variety in pricing, finding your dream round engagement ring needn’t be a tough process. Picking materials and center stones can make a huge difference to the end price, so even if you’re working to a strict budget, it should be possible to find a ring that suits your need. Without a price guide to work from, it’s still possible to find low-cost rings that offer very good overall value.

Often, this means choosing a metal that’s slightly down from your original choice, and making up for it with a higher-than-usual quality center stone. As the circular stone is often the primary piece of the ring itself, this is generally a good strategy.

Engagement rings are an incredibly personal, important piece of jewelry, and they deserve a level of thought and consideration that few other pieces of jewelry receive. From diamonds to shining rubies and white to yellow gold, every piece counts. Make your engagement ring a truly special item, with a stylish and modern round center stone arrangement.

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