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Ruby Engagement Ring

Red is the color that radiates warmth, vivaciousness, passion and power. Red is also the color most often associated with love. It only makes sense that a ruby red engagement ring exudes love, warmth and a strong sense of commitment to the one you love. Rubies have been a most valued gemstone for thousands of years. Rubies have a Moh’s hardness of 9, making them perfect for jewelry. In fact, they are second only in hardness to that of a diamond. The magnificent red color in a ruby engagement ring shines out in all its brilliance. These are highly prized and rare gemstones that most women love and would appreciate as an engagement ring.

Rubies are the red variety of the mineral corundum. Even though rubies are thought of as being red in color, there are some that have a tingle of purple to them. These precious stones have a close relationship to sapphires, which are the blue variety of the mineral corundum. Rubies are red because of the presence of aluminum oxide and chrome, along with fine traces of other elements. The presence of chrome accounts for good clarity and color of ruby gemstones. The rubies that are tinged with purple are very rare and highly valued so if you see an engagement ring like that you know it is priceless.

A beautiful ruby red engagement ring is one that is a hot exhibition of passion and warmth. There is no other way to express such powerful feelings of love than to give a ruby engagement ring to your beloved. It is the perfect symbol for unbridled love. Diamond engagement rings are for the average couple. Ruby engagement rings are for the couple that is full of heated passion and involved in a fiery relationship of love. The deep vibrant red hue of the ruby is perfect for such a couple. A ruby engagement ring with a setting in shimmering platinum or sterling silver, not to mention white gold, is simply mesmerizing. Each ruby engagement ring is unique and will have its own personality. They are perfect for the woman who loves being seen as one who is unique and special herself. The hue of the ruby is going to be dependant on the individual conditions it was formed under. You won’t find a duplicate of any one ruby stone anywhere.

When shopping for a ruby engagement ring you will find all kinds of styles to choose from. There are lots of unique designs and you might want to consider pairing a centerpiece ruby with smaller diamonds around it. These make absolutely stunning engagement rings. The fact that the diamonds are also added will increase the value and charm of the ring. For instance, you might consider an oval ruby flanked with two pear shaped diamonds. The intense color of the ruby brings out the beauty of the diamonds when paired together. Such a ruby engagement ring is a perfect choice for elegance and sophistication. Other styles of ruby engagement rings are the ones that have the cushion ruby bordered with diamonds. Still yet another design is one of a round ruby with diamonds around it that form a flower. A ruby engagement ring in the shape of a heart would be highly valued by any bride-to-be as well since the heart shape is the icon of love.

Ruby engagement rings have a way of stealing a girl’s heart the moment she first sets eyes on them. The size, cut and karat of the ruby will play a major factor in the price of the ring. The stones are often cut in squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and hearts. When shopping for genuine rubies you can use the internet to your advantage and look at all the various styles and cuts available. You should also buy genuine ruby engagement rings from a reputable dealer. There are various jewelry sites online that will offer certification of authenticity with their engagement rings.

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