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Last Call for Registration!
Attendance Logistics
Philadelphia, PA Conference
November 5-7, 2017

October 31, 2017
Last Call for Registrations!

We are approaching capacity for the dining room at Mikveh Israel.  A few seats still remain, but they are filling fast during these days leading up to the start of the conference on Sunday.

Still plenty of space at the National Museum of American Jewish History for the Monday and Tuesday daytime programs.

 Join us for an unforgettable and historic meeting in Philadelphia.
Email now to let us know of your intent to register,
or just go straight to our website

Be part of the fun and the wonder,
the camaraderie and the scholarship.
Be part of what makes SCJS what it is; 
a unique research group dedicated to illuminating
the experience of crypto-Jews since the time of the Inquisition 
The countdown is on!
The event kicks off on Sunday November 5th.
See you there!

Corinne J. Brown,
Vice President of Communications
Editor, HaLapid
Quick Links
Daily Program Schedule
Take a look at the daily program schedule, download and print, and share with your friends. Invite them to register and attend with you for a single day, evening, or the full three-day conference.  See you there!
Debbie Wohl Isard
President pro tem

Making Plans for Philadelphia?
Carl Montoya,
Conference Chairperson
Please see the important registration deadlines and logistics tips below.

Questions may be directed to:

Download and Print

Full-Event or Single-Day

Register now to ensure your seat! 

Arriving early or taking the Old City Walking Tour?
Click on the links here above for some ideas. The restaurants list will be especially useful if you want to remain convenient to attend the Genealogy Workshop at 12:30pm.
NMAJH will be closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday. Conference registrants will still have complimentary access to the exhibits on those days, as well as all day on Sunday.

Participation reminders:
  • All events and registration on Sunday will take place at Mikveh Israel.
  • Single-Day attendees for Monday or Tuesday should go directly to NMAJH to register prior to taking the elevator up to the conference venue.
  • Full-event attendees may enjoy light breakfast at Mikveh Israel before walking over to the museum for programs.
  • Discount ($15/day) parking is available to ALL conference attendees; before retrieving your car, have your ticket validated at the Wyndham Hotel front desk where they wil ask to see your attendance badge.
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La Granada’s  readership includes scholars and researchers within various academic disciplines from the American Southwest, all around the country and the world; talented artists, musicians, and writers; descendants of crypto-Jews who "return" and want to share their voyage of discovery with others; descendants of crypto-Jews who are interested in the historical but not necessarily religious implications of their discoveries; genealogists; geneticists; speakers of English, Spanish, Ladino, Yiddish, Turkish, Aramaic, Hebrew and other languages and dialects; and lay people with and without Iberian, Sephardic, or crypto-Jewish ancestors


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Debbie Wohl Isard, editor 

La Granada

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies


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The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies fosters research, networking of people and ideas, and the dissemination of information regarding the historical and contemporary developments involving crypto-Jews of Iberian origins. Membership in this not-for-profit organization is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about this cultural phenomenon. Annual membership dues include the semi-annual full color magazine HaLapid and scholarly peer-reviewed The Journal of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Crypto Jews annual edition.Complete dues information and more may be found at 


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