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Silver Wedding Bands

Choosing the right type of wedding band will be very important but it is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. There are many different things that you will have to take into consideration when choosing a specific wedding band to purchase. The metals that the ring is made up of will be one of the most important things to consider.

Silver wedding bands have been introduced as a choice of wedding bands. This type of ring has not become extremely popular but it still gets a considerate amount of attention. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this type of wedding band so you will have to go over them and decide if a silver wedding band would really work for your needs. This article will go across all of the reasons why you may or may not want to buy silver wedding bands.

The Advantages of Silver Wedding Bands
There is no denying that the major advantage to silver wedding bands is that they are extremely affordable. This is especially true when you compare them to the more popular metals for wedding bands such as yellow gold and white gold. If you are looking to buy an inexpensive wedding band, then the silver wedding band may be your best option. It is substantially cheaper than many of the alternatives and anyone should be able to afford one that is set with gemstones as well.

The Disadvantages to Silver Wedding Bands
There are more disadvantages to silver wedding bands then there are advantages. First off, these rings are not very durable or long lasting at all. This is mostly because of the fact that the ring is prone to being oxidized and discolored with time. It is also said that the sun, dirt, and other influences can speed up the oxidization and discoloration process very quickly. This means that while the ring is cheaper, chances are you will have to replace it later on down the road.

Silver wedding bands are made up of soft metals. As already stated, they are not very durable at all. They also have a very low hardness level when compared to other metals that are used for wedding rings. If durability and hardness is important and you can afford a stronger metal type of ring such as platinum or gold, then it would definitely be recommended you go with one of those.

Silver wedding bands will also get scratched pretty easily. While this is usually an issue with any type of wedding ring, it is even more so common and likely with silver wedding bands. After wearing the ring for a few months there is a good chance of noticeable damage being done to the ring.

Are Silver Wedding Bands Really a Good Choice?
For most couples, silver wedding bands will not be a high enough quality choice of wedding band to use. There are still some couples that may find that this type of ring would be perfect for them though. It is suggested that you stay away from this type of ring if you are constantly moving around your hands and putting the ring at risk of getting damaged. Silver wedding bands are very delicate and unless they are babied, chances are they will get damaged pretty easily.

If you do not plan on wearing the wedding band at all times, then a silver wedding band may be a good choice. It is not suggested that you wear this type of ring while out in the sun on a frequent basis. It is said that the silver ring will oxidize very quickly if you do. If you do not wear the ring too often and it is not going to be out in the sun or getting dirty, then a silver wedding band could still be sufficient for your needs. A good idea would be to use the silver wedding bands as temporary wedding rings. This will allow you to get used to wearing a ring at all times and it will make you less likely to replace it or accidentally damage it. It will also give you the chance to save up money for a more desirable set of wedding bands. After a while, you could purchase a higher quality set of wedding bands and replace the silver rings with them.

Silver wedding bands are definitely not going to be the top choice for anyone when choosing what type of wedding rings to use. While these rings are inexpensive, there are too many disadvantages to them. They are not durable, scratch easy, and oxidize way quicker than most other types of wedding rings.

If metal quality were the top concern then it would be suggested that you stay far away from silver wedding bands. There may still be some people that are stuck in a situation where silver wedding bands are their best choice but upgrading them after a while would definitely be recommended. To conclude, this is a poor choice of wedding rings so you should look at your other options instead as there are way too many downfalls with silver wedding bands.

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