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Silver Wedding Rings

Silver is one of the main precious metals that are used in jewelry. Holding many advantages over various types of metals, one of silver’s primary attractions is that it is affordable. Silver is also extremely reflective giving it a bright, brilliant shine that makes for a popular use in many jewelry styles. Silver wedding rings offers many advantages as there are numerous styles available to choose from, there are plenty of options available.

Pure silver is extremely soft and is subject to damage from the environment. Due to its natural consistency, silver is combined with metal alloys to create hardness. When choosing sterling silver look for types that are 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent allow as this is the highest quality. Sterling silver may be a combination of pure silver with either copper or nickel.

Sterling silver wedding rings provide many benefits to those looking for the perfect ring to memorialize their love. As wedding rings are worn on a daily basis and are a testament to your love, they must stand the test of time. Silver wedding rings are highly durable and are made with high quality in mind. You can choose from a variety of precious and semi precious gemstones to adorn your ring, giving them a unique and special look. Another advantage to choosing silver wedding rings is that they are versatile and have a modern or classic look. Regardless of what your personal style, taste or preference, you can easily find sterling silver wedding rings that will fit your needs.

Setting a budget is the most important step to choosing engagement and wedding rings. If your budget is limited, you can rest assured that you can select beautiful and exquisite rings crafted in silver. Buying wedding rings can seem overwhelming at times as there are numerous sizes, styles and designs to choose from. By setting a budget and determining your preferred metal you can narrow down the playing field and take plenty of the guess work out of your purchase. Decide if you prefer diamonds, another gemstone or a plain band beforehand as this will also help narrow down the choices.

Determine the style of the rings you prefer as well. There are numerous styles as you can select from antique rings, vintage styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Retro or today’s modern styles. You can find a plethora of silver wedding rings according to the style you prefer. Make certain that both parties are in agreement as to the style of the ring as it is quite possible that a woman may prefer a more intricate ring complete with details and gemstones while a man may prefer a simpler band. It is also possible for the bride and groom to choose two separate rings but to have matching engravings or inscriptions on the rings as a way of making them uniform.

One of the most important steps to buying silver wedding rings is to ensure that the rings you select are real, genuine silver. There are many unscrupulous people who will try to pass off silver plate as sterling silver so take the time to verify that the rings or other jewelry you are interested in is actually sterling silver. You can determine sterling silver’s authenticity by looking for the words or letters “STER,” “STERLING” or “STERLING SILVER” engraved on the ring. If you are interested in vintage or antique jewelry that does not have the stamp, you should ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy realtor.

As sterling silver is affordable and easy to work with, it is a popular choice by local or professional artisans and jewelry craftsmen. You may find that the best choice for silver wedding rings are those that are handmade and designed specifically to your customizations. Check with local artists if you are interested in having your wedding rings custom made.

Silver wedding rings are subject to tarnish so make certain that you care for your jewelry by cleaning them regularly and removing them when performing tasks such as cleaning or bathing. Store your silver jewelry in a fabric lined jewelry box or consider choosing a storage bag that contains a deterrent to prevent tarnishing.

Silver wedding rings provide many advantages are an excellent choice for those with a limited budget.

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