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Silver is a metal that has been used for many years in making jewelry. Since silver in its true form is much too soft to make jewelry, it is typically mixed with others metals that help to make it more durable. The most popular silver mixture used to create jewelry pieces today is sterling silver. In order to make sterling silver, copper is typically added to pure silver to make up approximately 10 percent or less of the compound. Copper helps to harden the silver and gives it more durability for making jewelry. Copper does however often cause the silver to darken when certain gases or other substances come into contact with the silver. For this reason, there are a variety of cleaning methods recommended to keep sterling silver from tarnishing or turning a darker color.

Sterling silver rings are a highly popular jewelry choice, particularly among women. Many like the silver look over gold and since white gold is a bit more expensive than sterling silver, most women choose silver. Sterling silver rings come in all sizes and a variety of shapes and designs with added gemstones and other garnishments to make them more unique.

Keeping sterling silver clean is essential in preventing tarnishing. There are a variety of cloths and bags available that prevent sterling silver rings and other jewelry pieces from tarnishing. The cloth helps to slow down the tarnishing process and also keeps the silver jewelry from rubbing up against other jewelry pieces that could cause scratches or dents. Polishing cloths are also a good choice for cleaning sterling silver rings or other sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling silver has been a popular jewelry choice for many years. Because of the affordability, many choose this metal over other precious metals and there are pieces available to meet virtually any budget. The actual cost of sterling silver rings will depend on many factors including how the ring is designed and whether or not any gemstones or other components are part of the design. A plain sterling silver ring such as one used for a wedding band is very affordable and can typically be purchased for less than $50 in most areas. Sterling silver rings provide a very classy and elegant look while still being very affordable and offer a more subtle approach to jewelry than other metals. Sterling silver rings may also be considered a good investment since silver is a precious metal.

Choosing sterling silver rings depends highly on your personal preferences. However, it is a good idea to purchase sterling silver or any other precious metals and/or gemstones from reputable manufacturers to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. In order to ensure that you are getting true sterling silver, you will need to understand the formula that is typically used to make sterling silver. True sterling silver is a mixture. The mixture consists of 92.5 percent pure silver along with an additional 7.5 percent metal alloy. Again, copper is typically the metal alloy chosen to create sterling silver, particularly in rings and other jewelry pieces. Sterling silver rings and other products are typically marked with 925 somewhere on the product. This means that the particular piece is 925 parts per thousand of pure silver. If you are purchasing sterling silver rings, you should look for this mark to ensure that the rings are made of true silver and are not simply another metal formed and painted to look like silver. If you do not see a marking, you should ask the jeweler about the pure silver content.

Sterling silver rings are much less expensive than white or yellow gold or even platinum. They allow you to add beautiful pieces to your jewelry wardrobe while allowing you to keep within your budget. You can look online or at your local jewelry shop for ideas on what you want for your next sterling silver ring or choose a jeweler that allows you to design your own ring. This gives you the opportunity to add whatever gemstones or other designs you want and is still very affordable.

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