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Sterling Silver Rosary Ring

A rosary ring, also known as a finger rosary, is a piece of jewelry that features religious decoration. The ring is often worn while praying and it is not considered to be a casual piece of jewelry. This means that it cannot be worn all of the time but rather just when praying. The rosary ring is often designed with a cross on the head of the ring. There will be ten beads (symbolic of a decade) throughout the ring. All of the beads and the cross will be raised from the ring. The sterling silver rosary ring may also contain other religious decorations as well besides the crucifix and beads.

The sterling silver rosary ring features a relatively basic design. The cross, beads, and certain other decorations will be lifted from the ring. However, there is nothing over the top about the appearance of this type of ring. It is not a type of casual or fashion jewelry and it will not be seen by many people so the visual appeal of the ring is not what is truly important.

There are a variety of rosary rings available. Some of the more common types would include the pocket rosary ring, one decade rosary, and 15 decade rosary. The latter option is more commonly found in bracelets and necklaces. The rosary ring may be a necklace pendant as well. Pocket rosaries are recognized for their compactness and portability. They are very small, easy to hold onto, and work great if you want a rosary ring to bring with you wherever you go. You can wear the one decade rosary ring on your index finger while praying.

Rosary rings are used just like other rosaries. The only major difference would be how many times the beads are counted after saying your basic prayers. It is said that you must count the beads on the rosary ring five times after completing your basic prayers when wearing a one decade rosary ring. If you are using the larger 15 decade rosary ring then you could say your prayers and count the beads just once because of the amount of them.

When shopping for a rosary ring there will be many different choices. The designs of these rings is generally the same or similar. It tends to feature the cross or crucifix and the set number of beads, all of which are lifted from the ring. The ring could also be personalized or engraved to add sentimental value to it.

The major difference between some of these rings will be the metal that the ring is made up of. Some of the most popular choices of metals for rosary rings include sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold. As gold is considerably expensive it may not be the best route to go when purchasing a rosary ring. A sterling silver rosary ring would be much more affordable and it is still visually appealing. This would definitely be a great choice if you are looking for a cheap but still attractive design of rosary ring.

Sterling silver rosary rings are not incredibly popular. No type of rosary ring is overly easy to find. You may struggle to be able to locate a decent rosary ring at a local jewelry store if you live in a smaller city. However, there is a reasonable selection of sterling silver rosary rings and other types of rosary rings when shopping online. Many of these pieces are also available for an affordable price. It would definitely be worth taking a look at some online jewelry stores when buying a sterling silver rosary ring.

Rosary rings are very effective when put to use for their religious purposes. There are many beliefs behind the use of rosaries when praying and you may want to read up more on this. Overall, a sterling silver rosary ring is a minor investment and it can have great effects on your praying experience.

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