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Tiffany Engagement Rings

Tiffany engagement rings are extremely popular in the jewelry fashion world. They make a great engagement ring in a wide variety of diamond shapes, settings and metals. There are certain tiffany engagement ring designs that are made with precision and quality. The many diamond shapes that are used in tiffany engagement rings are round, emerald, cushion, heart, oval, pear, marquise, square, lucida and princess cut shapes. These shapes are typically set in platinum and gold metals. Both white gold and yellow gold are used for tiffany engagement rings. The wide variety of shapes and settings made available will help individuals find that perfect engagement ring that their loved one will appreciate.

One of the most popular settings that are used for tiffany engagement rings is the solitaire setting. The solitaire setting deals with a single diamond that is cut large enough to be the main center piece of the engagement ring. All different types of diamond shapes are used for the solitaire setting. Solitaire settings can be set in platinum and gold rings with different designs. Another popular type of setting used for tiffany engagement rings is called the three stone setting. The three stone tiffany engagement rings have 3 diamonds. A single diamond is usually set in-between two smaller diamonds.

Three stone settings can be used in platinum and gold rings. All diamond shapes are used for three stone settings, and many use a combination of two different diamond shapes. The diamond band setting entails a large size diamond for a center piece, while housing a stack of smaller diamonds around the ring. Typical diamond shapes that are used for the diamond band setting are round, oval, lucida and cushion diamond shapes. Smaller diamonds also surround the larger diamond that is used for the main center piece. Another popular setting is the side stones setting.

The side stone settings entail one large diamond with mid size to smaller size diamonds on the sides of the larger diamond. The side stone setting usually comes in 4 major diamond shapes. The shapes round, emerald, lucida, and the pearl shapes are typically used for the side stone setting engagement ring. The pave tiffany engagement ring uses one large diamond. The diamond is typically round or oval and the ring itself is designed with intricate details. This type of setting is usually set in platinum, and it’s rarely ever found in gold rings.

Tiffany engagement rings use diamonds anywhere from .25 carat weight to 2.5 carat weight. Carats are weighed when using multiple diamonds as well. The more carats a tiffany engagement ring has, the more expensive the engagement ring will cost. Tiffany engagement rings have strict standards that must be abided by. Certain grades are given to the number of classes of the ring. There are 5 major areas in which tiffany engagement rings are graded in. These areas deal with cut, color, clarity, carat weight and presence. The excellent quality of tiffany engagement rings has made this type of ring one of the most sought after engagement rings in the world.

Tiffany engagement rings are best found online. In fact, there are many tools that a customer can use to help them identify which type of engagement ring will be the best ring for their loved one. Complete and accurate information about each style of ring is presented to the customer online. The tools made available will offer many options that the customer can choose from. Carat weight, size, cut, shape, setting, color and many other options can be combined by the customer for a customized tiffany engagement ring. There are plenty of tiffany engagement rings to choose from and the option to customize an engagement ring makes tiffany engagement rings a recognized name in the jewelry industry.

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