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Tiffany Wedding Rings

Wedding happens (or should happen) once in a lifetime. Nonetheless, it does not matter the number of times one experience the epoch-making event, it never fails to create feelings of awe and excitement that comes from the depth of your being. For this reason, the tendency to overdo, go beyond the boundaries of equilibrium is overwhelming and it is usually manifested in preparations and customary rites like exchanging rings.

Wedding rings are a significant part of a wedding ceremony because it is an indicator of one’s marital status. In religious settings like the Jewish ceremony, wedding rings are exchanged with a customary declaration that goes like “With this ring, you are consecrated to me according to the Law of Moses and Israel”. In the Church of England, you have the common declaration like “With this ring I thee wed”. All these go to show the symbolism of wedding rings and they show the eternity bond the couple now shares as husband and wife.

Wedding Rings at Tiffany
There are two ways in which wedding rings can be appreciated; first by the extrinsic value of the ring and the spirit that is behind the ring. So when shopping for wedding rings, look out for these two components and the best place to obtain such rings that meet at the best of both worlds is at reputable jewelry companies like Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. is a jewelry and silversmith company headquartered in the United States – New York City to be precise and it was founded on September 18th 1837. As of 2009, the company’s revenue runs up to about 2 billion plus with a net income of 220 million dollars. What is the idea behind this information? In the spirit of appreciating wedding rings, one must consider quality which is what Tiffany and Co. stands for. In the bid to impress, you must think of the best way to do this; buying a wedding ring from Tiffany is a good start because the name may even provide better value than the ring you are prospecting.

Imagine your wife-to-be bragging about buying a ring at Tiffany, the audience will first be drawn to the brand before the product. This fact leads to an important procedure and it is how to choose a wedding ring. Buying rings at reputable places like Tiffany does not necessarily convert to a perfect choice. This is because a perfect choice is personal and must be marked by different factors of which value is one of them.

What to do when shopping for wedding rings at Tiffany?
Human taste differs and most importantly, it is erratic. Although shopping for wedding rings at Tiffany might be a dream come true, but if certain things that border on preparation, planning and experience are not in place, the possibilities of making mistakes such as suitability, genuineness, mistaken taste identity, wrong choice is imminent. So to avoid these, you certainly need to know how to choose a wedding ring especially at a place like Tiffany that stocks wide varieties of wedding rings, here it goes.

  • First you need a trusted jeweler. This takes care of buying genuine wedding ring.
  • Don’t shop solo: Many husbands-to-be commit the error of shopping alone. It’s a bad idea because the tendency of buying a ring that does not fit is high. So what do you do? Quit the surprise stuff at this stage, the engagement ring was enough surprise. Many women already know what they want and your wife-to-be is definitely no exception. So sit down with her and make a decision together on the choice of wedding rings and if possible, go shopping together. Picking the wrong ring has nothing to do with the reputation of the jeweler – at Tiffany you get what you want. So the onus falls on you to get the right ring.
  • Match the wedding ring with the engagement ring to get a perfect fit.
  • When buying rings, always consider your lifestyle. Rings should be worn to accentuate hands and fit into your lifestyle.
  • Choose a gem stone, buying a diamond is ideal but you can look into other types of stones and focus on their hardness and significance.
  • Always look through the catalogue for varieties of choice before making a choice
  • Consider band metal. The widely accepted ones are white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

At Tiffany & Co., you will find a wide variety of wedding rings in different styles with different categories of prices. One thing’s for sure – you will be completely spoilt for choice!

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