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Titanium Engagement Rings

Titanium has gained considerable popularity recently as the metal of choice for engagement rings. More and more couples are preferring titanium to other metals when choosing the perfect ring for their loved ones. Although gold, silver and platinum are more traditional for engagement rings, titanium may be the perfect choice because of the metal’s sheer unparalleled versatility.

Titanium – found in the human body, coal ash, plants and even celestial bodies like the sun, moon and meteorites – is one of the strongest metals known to mankind. Because of its incredible strength, titanium is more difficult to design than softer metals like gold and silver. One of the best properties of titanium that makes it an ideal metal for engagement rings is the fact that it is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not react with human skin. Because of this property of titanium, it does not cause irritation, discoloration or rashes to the skin making it the perfect metal for engagement rings for people who have very sensitive skin or may suffer from metal allergies.

Titanium is also very lightweight, lighter than even soft precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. Because of its lighter weight, titanium is very comfortable to wear and especially better for people who are not used to wearing jewelry.

Titanium can be found in abundance in nature. This means it is a very cost-effective metal. Prices of titanium rings can start from as low as $20. This can increase depending on the design. The more intricate the designs are the more one has to pay for it. This is especially because titanium is very difficult to design. It lacks flexibility because of its rigid nature. Custom titanium engagement rings can be ordered in many stores including online stores. But one has to very specific with the design. Since titanium is very rigid, it is also very difficult to redesign it. Redesigning a titanium rings would mean melting it completely to form another design. The better option is to find a store that offers a variety of titanium rings. One can check online stores as they have more designs than ‘actual’ stores. After checking these designs, chances are one would not have to order a custom ring because of the variety offered by these stores.

Titanium rings usually never come with diamonds. But one can easily have one custom-made. Some of the titanium rings that do have diamonds are far from the traditional design with one diamond accented at the center and side diamonds beside it. Titanium rings that have diamonds are more like a band with many small diamonds embedded in a straight groove encircling the band. Some titanium diamond rings are also designed in a way to make the diamond at the center look like it was suspended. This is usually done by creating a tension beneath the diamond. The tension holds the diamond in place without the need for a diamond seat. This gives the impression that the diamond is suspended in mid-air with no support.

Titanium engagement rings are especially preferred because of the diversity of colors they come in – from whitish silver to gray and to jet-black. These colors make titanium rings an exotic piece of jewelry. The surface of these rings can also be anodized in way to give the illusion of colors on the surface. Anodized surfaces of titanium look very colorful displaying colors like blue, green, purple or even bright pink. These colors make the ring vibrant, playful and full-of-life.

Durability is an important attribute that every engagement ring should have. Titanium can be even more durable than gold, silver or platinum. It has a very shiny surface and is very similar looking to platinum. The only thing that should be kept in mind before getting a titanium ring is that, they can’t be resized easily. If this is not a very major issue, titanium rings can make prefect engagement rings for loved ones.

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